This is why I like my team

Harold - Armored to take damage and inflicts Death Touch
Goblin - with bonuses, one 3-match fully charges him
Valk - gains souls and buffs Naga
Naga - heals and buffs Valk

If the gems fall just right, I can loop Valk and Naga several times. I would say about 80-90% of the time this works in my favor, but every so often I just don’t get the right drops and I get my arse handed back to me.

These aren’t even my highest stats–I’ve gotten my troop’s Lives into the 90s before, it just doesn’t happen very often. It’s all fun and games until you get Devoured, though. Or the whole team gets Frozen by Mab. Whatever. I’m having fun. I just wish the AI knew how to utilize them effectively.


I love the Valkyrie and Naga Queen combo. The only thing that is missing is something to feed all of that Red/Blue mana into. I wish there were some better Red/Blue rares and ultras, as they all seem to be epic, legendary, and mythic. Visk from the new Dragon’s Claw quest line would be a good fit.

Another good one. Slightly higher Life, even though Harold took several hits.

These are the ones I really like. This is still my first turn.


If you like maxing out your stats I suggest you try this team:

I just made it to show it to you and that’s the stats I got in a single try. Sorry for cutting the picture like that but original picture was to big to upload here and I have no other way to reduce the picture quality with my mobile except to cut it down in editing.

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