This is only a tribute...a small one at that


Opening up a discussion here to ask the question and get the feedback from as many players as possible:

Has there been some behind the scenes retooling of tribute proc?

Since 1.08 I think I’ve gotten maybe TWO tributes of 3 or more cities. With MOST of them being a single city. I used to get excited by seeing how many tributes I would get but now I feel like I go into KNOWING it’s going to be a single city.

Perhaps it’s recall bias, but I think it might e time to start running a chart…

Can we start using this post to get some player feedback on tribute proc occurrence? Is that something you all would be interested in or am I just going slowly insane?


It seems that I get more one city tributes than I used to, but I’ve also gotten as many as 5 at once since the patch. I don’t think it’s as different as we might think.


Fairly sure you’re just going crazy.

No, I think it’s been about the same for me… I know I’ve gotten 5s and 6s a few times. 3s and 4s on a regular basis, if not daily.


I know it felt like it for a few days, but today has seemed more normal.

3-4 cities sending tribute just doesn’t feel like it used to feel when multiple cities sent gems and keys.

I do feel like I have gotten more single city tributes, but I’ve been in game playing so much that it could just be picking up tributes more often.


Ok, I’m going to chalk it up to being just in my head.


Don’t be so swift… I have also felt a material decrease… I used to get 3-4 on every click… now I get 1-2 on every click - except I had a 7 once… but that felt an outlier…


My tribute procs are higher than ever, but that is mostly because there are 19 kingdoms and some of them on 20% chance now. I got a 9 proc the other day and pretty much every check is 2+.


Yeah I get 0-2 on most clicks. I did have a four, and one time a (seven I think?) but quite frequently zero or one.

Mind you, I’m not maxed out yet on level 10 kingdoms, I only have 8.


The binomial distribution for all 19 Kingdoms at Level 10 (but without Power Level 3)

0 Tribute - 14% (1 in 7 attempts)
1 Tribute - 29% (just under 1 in 3 attempts)
2 Tribute - 29% (just under 1 in 3 attempts)
3 Tribute - 18% (just under 1 in 5 attempts)
4 Tribute - 8% (just under 1 in 10 attempts)
5+ Tributes - 2%

–> You should expect a non-multi-tribute 43% of the time…or almost half the time.


Just confirming that there’s been no tweaking of tribute chances.
I’ve also just checked the server and everything seems to be in order.


:musical_note: This is just a tribute :musical_note: