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Secret NERF 3.1

Any long term players notice that under 3.1 the numbers are all slightly off after a battle. Souls for example: my Invade team for example always generated 66 or 110 Souls (depending on 1 or 2 casts). Now after 3.1 its 61 with a single cast. I’m also curious the Tributes are lower but its too soon to tell, I need more much more data.


I still think that the secret tribute cap (13 iirc) is the most egregious slight. I’m pretty sure that it not only won’t go over 13, but stops counting your actual kingdoms at 26.
I love this game and the devs but that devious manipulation bugs the hell out of me every time I open the game and consider how many gems I’m being robbed of.

Hopefully Math Guy will show up and explain how much more this f**** us over than the recent nerfs?


Funny you mentioned this.
Every tribute since the update that I have received has been 8 kingdoms… every one… that is either the craziest string of luck, or I thought they just changed it to a flat 8. lol

I’d even let that slide if they’d advertise that fact before we all raced to 7-star our kingdoms like good lil workers.

Is this really a thing? I finally hit a +14 the week before the patch.

My last two have been +10, so I’m going with “crazy luck”. (I’d rather have 8’s than the bunches of 3’s and 4’s I’ve had, lol)


It may well be 14. My point is that we shouldn’t have an artificial ceiling when we sure as hell don’t have an artificial floor! The more I think about this, I’m actually kinda butthurt.


well…fits your name i guess :sunglasses:

No, I mean I am truly asking…is it capped? Other than the flat percentage per kingdom, that is?

And if so, can you cite a Dev post confirming the cap? I’ve seriously never heard of this before and I try to be informed.

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So they finally fixed the necromancy bug? The cap was being raised by an additive amount, but the souls generated were being increased by a multiplicative amount per stack, but only by surviving necro troops. This had you either gaining more souls than you should have (hitting the cap with fewer casts), or less (if a necro troop died, you also lost the bonus they gave to the amount, but not the cap). Are you getting the same amount of souls no matter how many necro troops die now as well, because before, you would get much less? If that is the case, its a bugfix, not a stealth nerf. If they only fixed multiplicative stacking, then its still a bugfix, but could be viewed as a nerf because they didn’t bother to fix it all the way.

Yeah it is fixed bug, not some stealth nerf. if ppl only would read patch notes :confused:

Bug fixes


Souls gained when using the Necromancy traits should now give the correct amount of souls

It appears to be working the way it should and has long term on Adobe since shortly after the necromancy buff patch. 3 casts of the Dragon Soul starting with 2 necro troops and 220% souls rate had me appropriately capped at 176 starting regardless of having 1 or 0 surviving. Prior to the fix, this would have netted me 152 and 99 souls, respectively. Prior to the fix, I would have netted 150 souls with two casts if both survived, above from the 132 that it would be now, which is why you might be seeing lower numbers, but it is the previous higher numbers that were also incorrect. Caps per battle has not changed.

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I don’t have the patience to dig it up at the moment but it was definitely confirmed. I seem to remember it being around the time Silverglade was added. One of the fable Math Guys had a thread that basically said “HEY LOOK AT THIS MATH WTF DEVS?!” and one of the devs was all " ya well".

It’s statistically very difficult to get about 14 tributes and there’s not a lot of people to contribute. If someone has gotten better it would be great for them to speak up.

On the other hand, they did acknowledge and claim they were fixing the cap at 26. Maybe they screwed something else up in the process?

That would be my dear friend Goose Cosby’s department xD

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Ok, if the reduction in Souls is a bug fix fine. No problem

But seriously WTF on those patch notes:
“Souls gained when using the Necromancy traits should now give the correct amount of souls”

The should have added an equally helpful note:
“Legendary Tasks now should give the correct amount of Gems”

Well i am going to bring up an age old cherry…

Arcanes in explore? Now we could craft them if we are prepared to sacrifice x2 celestials, NO

However, i have been hammering explore for the past three hours and have only gotten x2 arcanes and x2 celestials.

Is that good or not?

It depends how fast you’re playing. The average drop rate for Arcanes in explore is around 6% (so one Arcane every 16-17 battles) with Celestials about 3%. If you’re playing around 15-20 battles per hour, that would be reasonable for Arcanes and good for Celestials, if you’re playing faster than that, I’d say you had a bit of bad luck.

If you did that with a fast bombot team (I average less than a minute per battle), that would be a pretty disappointing session, though I have experienced similar results myself, only to get 4 Arcanes in 15 battles at other times.

All that to say, I haven’t seen any evidence of a secret nerf to Explore, though I haven’t done much myself this week.

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I am using the princess to munch brown weapon x2 bomb bot team.

Same as me then. Chalk it up to bad luck, I’d say. Hopefully better luck tomorrow!

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I am using Death knight class. As i have not traited mechanist.