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This has to be fixed

After a 20 minute battle in guild wars against Undine in bracket one, I finally prevailed only for a caption saying ‘internal error’ to appear, of course it gives me a loss. It also gives no points what so ever for that battle just as an added kick in the teeth,.
Why does the game presume you lose in this circumstance?

Because the game server couldn’t verify that you won. Yes, it sucks, but if it worked the other way around players would eventually figure out how to go five wins each day without ever completing a fight.


This happened to more than one of our players as well this week. It really hurts when you’re vying for the top spots.

Because the game does not talk to the server every move, only at the end of the match. If it did not count as a loss, then everyone would shut their game off and retry a GW battle they were about to lose.

But yeah, it sucks and we all have to deal with it.

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Ok now I understand the reasoning but don’t agree that we should just live with it.

It has been incredibly close in the past and those 1,700 or so points could make the difference not just for a daily victory but could impact on the weekly placings and rob our whole guild of gems.
I really hope.they can do something about this as it is a real bitter pill to swallow.

Honestly, the GoW motto, as of late, has been: “Live with it or leave”.

I’ll give you some examples:

  1. Don’t like the bugs? Live with it or leave.
  2. Don’t like Raids and think they are a huge gem sink and time waste? Live with it or leave.
  3. Think Pet Rescue battles are too overpowered? Live with it or leave.
  4. Think Doomskulls are unnecessary and overpowered? Live with it or leave.
  5. You get the idea.

I think this has happened to everyone at one point. It hurts when it happens but you just have to grin and move on like when goblins kill you on turn 2.

Also with 900 guild war battles a week these sort of bugs even out (law of large numbers) so in a way it does not hurt the guild (as all guilds probably have 2 or 3 of these a week).

What it does hurt is your internal standings within the guild which definitely sucks if you are competitive like me

Even though this happens to all guilds, some weeks the leaderboards are very close and the winner is determined by who has the least “internal error” bugs and that REALLY sucks. A bug determining the winner. Why even waste our time and resources doing the battles? May as well just toss a coin to determine the winner.


The reality is that many competitions in real life are determined, in part, by events outside the participant’s control. I’m thinking of the pro golfer whose ball strikes a bird in mid-flight, or a puck taking a weird bounce off a stanchion, or any number of other things that can’t be predicted or replicated. All you can do is do your best and hope that your margin of victory is greater than what is up to chance.

Tuesday we had 149/150 showing on the daily screen but looking at our results everyone had played all 5 battles. So like others have said all guilds top or not have to deal with some type of issue. The “best” part is when you have pictures to prove your case and are told nothing can be done to fix it. More then once we finished lower because of a bug and lost 500 gems because of it.

What’s really bad is when it’s the first fight and you lose out on 2000 defense points.


Between Doomskulls, new troops, more bugs than ever, the Undine buff, 10% dwarves and other things, this week hasn’t been that fun on Guild Wars.

I kinda wonder if the bugs were intentional so that people would stop asking for more Guild Wars.


I was wondering the same thing. Are they trying to make us hate the only guild event some really enjoy?

This week has been ridiculous with bugs. Every day people are getting errors resulting in losses and/or wins counting as losses. Today I think we had three so far. Losing due to poor performance is one thing, I can accept that. But this is like a bad joke. The outcome of this GW isn’t going to be determined by who does the best, it’s going to be who has the least amount of bugs. That sucks the fun and excitement right out of it.


I just got the internal error crap myself. Wow. It was an easy win too.

Although i agree that it sucks to be counted as a loss, like it was mentioned before, people would find a way to abuse it. Say, instead of a loss they changed it to just start the match over, every time someone was about to lose the could force it to lag out, or just turn game off then restart. As much as i dont like it i dont think there is any way to fix it outside of the game saving after every move.

I’m not proud to say this, but saying it nonetheless. Before they kept records of win/loss and all the new stuff, back in the days of the olddddddd client. If you were losing you could just exit out of the client, and restart. It would skip giving you a loss. So you could only go for wins and keep it that way. Though that was back in the day when getting to the base pvp rank to #1 took around 40 trophies I believe. Which takes a lot more now. Though I do wish at least that if your game crashes on its own that it remembered the data from the previous fight, and you could just resume. As that stands even a crash gives you a loss.

As far as the game counting it as a win then subsequently counting it as a loss in the pvp history. A battle could be given a unique identifier and could only be counted as a win or a loss. And never as both. Giving it unique codes would also allow for the previous mention of a resume for the players game if there is a issue, crash, etc.

Not to mention recording these additional fight details, which small bits like this even across heavy play times the players in the game vs current storage limits would never consume really any space at all. And then you could additionally develop a subsystem like a janitor/guardian or like wow’s warden … that could scan for any strange gaming behavior and flag it for review.

As for the registration of players and these unique codes, varied across numerous data sets I did also use myself. Though my gaming backend was simply php/ruby driven that managed web applications or games I made in virtual worlds. Nothing like unity or GoW but it would still work very well. One of the last things I worked on was creating a process spooler in php, that micromanaged the connections, data, and what was being sent so that nothing bottlenecked or stepped over toes.

ehhh maybe I talk/type too much sometimes … lol


As many of our players said above, if your connection times out the battle counts as a loss to prevent people abusing the ability to disconnect and replay battles.

One way to mitigate this issue is to make sure you play your Guild Wars matches whilst on a stable as possible internet connection. Mobile players that are out and about when playing Guild Wars matches are more likely to experience these dropouts than those that are playing in their works or homes with more stable connections.

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Well we got 4-5 guys in our guild who had problem after finishing a battle, we getting internal error and resulting as a lost and we are on console.
It’s not our bad connection, the only game we got problem is GOW


I had no problem playing explores or regular pvp matches at that time. It was just the 1 Guild Wars match that decided to give said Internal Error.

This is a damn flawed system.


@Rickygervais I understand Ricky, my suggestion was intended to help mobile players and people that were unaware of the fact that internet dropouts contribute to this issue. They are not the sole cause, but are something to be aware of for those that like to play on the go. :slight_smile: