1st guild wars match didn't register

I’m about done with thia game. Each update that comes out comes packed full of bugs and it’s alwaus released during a guild wars week.
This is becoming unacceptable and during the event that gives the biggest rewards to the best performing guilds every point matters.
I am in my first fight and I win.
I am still on my first fight with no points and it is counted as a loss.
Last guild wars we took second by 800 points. Now if it’s that close again and we lose gems over this it might just be my time to stop supporting the game.
I will wait to do the rest of my battles until i am assured i won’t be losing any more points.

@kafka and @jeto i think guild wars should just be scratched this week as I know I’m not alone.

Too many bugs and glitches this week sure did ruin guild wars!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::triumph:

In 7 years i haven’t been more ready to walk away and quit supporting the game like i am now.


Here in my battle log though it shows i won the match

this is who i fought in my first fight

If this has happened to you this week please speak up. We all need to stand together as a community so they fix this game instead of breaking it more.

I created a bug report too so hppefully this gets some attention before others encounter this as well.

Fingers :crossed_fingers: hoping the come up with some sort of solution.