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This Ghoul Is On Fi-YAH!

So I’m playing against a team of dwarves with one Bombadier, and the Bombadier uses his skill and burns my Alchemist, who then dies from the three damage tick. Confident I’m still going to win, I use my Summoner skill and produce a Ghoul that slot, and think nothing of it.

On my next turn, however, the Ghoul takes burn damage…why is that? I’m not sure if the cumulative chance to cure the burn carried over from the Alchemist, but I’ve had Ghouls I make from my Summoner die from burn when they were never hit by the ability itself and have to make the saving chance to stop it.

I’ve had this happen about three times, the Troop that dies from burn or the slot in the party order doesn’t seem to matter, my poor Ghouls still get burned to ashes. ;(

Update: Happens with whatever status effect the affected Troop slot was suffering from when they died. (IE If a troop slot was Burned, Poison, and Diseased when it died, the Ghoul summoned in that slot is summoned with those status effects.


Awesome topic name :laughing:

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I’m sorry, I can’t contribute anything to help solve your problem. But that’s a seriously great name for a thread. I hope it gets re-used for an event down the road.


Update: It doesn’t matter what debuff is on the ally who dies, when a Ghoul is summon in their place they have all the same debuffs.

This REALLY sucks versus Chimeras, it took me two and a half hours to beat the final part of Pridelands’ quest.

Hmm never had this happen to me, but then again, I hardly ever use summoners. Might wanna open a ticket for this one. Seems the spot stays contaminated for the whole of the match.

Agreed, though it might be worth waiting to see what comes up in the 2.0 patch notes, as this may have been fixed already.