Barrier glitch with burning status effect

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I have only so far seen this happen with Dragonian Monk. I cast meditation on my party to give full barrier to all party. One of my party members (usually it’s the Dragon Soul) is burning from a status inflicted on him. Now all my party gets barrier. What happens in the beginning of the next turn is the burning status is still in place, but so is the barrier. No health or armor lost, no barrier lost and the burning status is still up.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

It’s been pretty consistent since the monk was introduced. I don’t use other barrier casters so i have not seen this with other troops.


Not quite as consistent as all that. Burning first rank dragotaur had his barrier stripped as expected in a match just a few mins ago. Didn’t seem t be anything special about the enemy team.

No screen caps, but I am using in this order in my group Dragotaur, Draconian monk, The Dragon’s Soul and Krystaria. Monk and Dragotaur are fully traited, no traits on the other 2.

I have notice tht once or twice as well

Is your Sheggra fully traited? If so, you can put her on your defense team and play against yourself to produce more situations where you’re applying a barrier to burning troops. This will also give you the chance to record screenshots or video in a more controlled setting.


Yeah, I don’t record videos. That’s work and I don’t know how to do it.

Also I have yet to replicate this in a first rank troop. So even if my sheggra is traited I can’t guarantee that it will work. There is also the possibility that like other difficult to trace bugs it is very specific to my group and group order. This is a specifically beneficial bug but it should be looked at as a symptom of a possible wider problem.