Infernal Armor doesn't pop Barrier

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
With Silvermaiden Barriered up, I matched some skulls and attacked a Bone Naga. Barrier remained up, but my Silvermaiden lost 7 armor. I would expect that Barrier should prevent damage from Infernal Armor, but apparently it does not!

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Attack Bone Naga with a barriered troop. My Gloom Leaf isn’t traited, or I would test it on Thorns. Anyone?

I haven’t seen it myself, but there were reports of similar behaviour when Burn procced - the thing is if it only does damage to armour the barrier doesn’t do anything, only when health would be damaged the barrier pops instead. My guess is it will work the same way here - and probably in GL’s case too.

But skull damage eliminates Barrier whether it goes through armor or not. Barrier is just weirdly inconsistent with what it protects from.

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Yes. I don’t think its behaviour in other cases is intended, most likely a bug.