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Why does Dark Priestess dispell (like remove barrier) then takes life away when it targets an ally troop? Is it working as intended? If so, shouldn’t something in game say that?
Example: I used it in the arena after casting Dawnbringer. My first troop (the one Targeted) had barrier on it already. Dark Priestess removed the barrier my first troop and took 6 life (killed my troop).
Leaving me confused after playing for almost 3 years. :man_shrugging:

Maybe barrier does not protect against true dmg. I know that poison attack goes through barrier even though it does not say so.

Barrier protects against true damage. Any damage, like poison or burn… Or true damage… Removes a barrier.

That’s how the troop is supposed to work. It just doesn’t work particularly well on troops that can’t take the hit.

Its giving out a cleanse, an attack boost and spawning skulls at the same time, complete with blowback protection in the form of barrier. And its only an Ultra.

Is this working as intended to then?

@Kafka this would be the troop discrepancy that I alluded to in global chat.

Is there another troop in the game that says “drain” life? It doesn’t say true damage or steal. See if it still drains the life if the troop is blessed. Maybe they have it coded the same as mana drain which still happens through barrier. It could be a unique troop which we need more of actually.

I’m unaware of any other troop that steals life from an ally.

Mang also steals full armor despite a troop having barrier. Its regular damage gets blocked though.
It works in our favor, but it’s also pretty weird.

She doesn’t dispel, she deals one point of damage to pop barrier as one of the spell steps, see here.

That probably implies “Remove barrier” should be part of the ability text.

Maybe “doesn’t fit on the card without reducing the font size” should be considered a good indicator for “this spell is too complicated”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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