Silvermaiden Barrier not working

So I was fighting the ever-oft discussed BD team and he was getting close to filling so I was like hey, I have this new troop up front and she cast this spell and get barrier and the way I understand barrier it will block that huge hit of incoming skull damage and everything will be fine.

Well… it doesn’t seem to be actually working. Because when he cast, she still died. Even though she was barriered. There wasn’t a cascade either. Just the cast, and then the hit and then poof, she’s dead. O_o

I did some digging, and found this other thread where people were having that problem with Celestasia… no dev weighed in.

Then I went back to when barrier came out and @Sirrian had said this: [quote=“Sirrian, post:18, topic:3795, full:true”]
Yes, it stops a single board’s worth of damage… so if you need to protect against an imminent Bone Dragoning, it is your friend.

It doesn’t stop armor shred, only damage dealt. So a Grave Knight for example would successfully shred your armor, but then the barrier would be popped by his damage.

So based on that, The Silvermaiden, when barriered, should in fact be blocking that incoming wave of mass damage, and not dying (when there is no cascade, just the hit. On cascade, obvs would take damage after barrier is removed). So I think it’s bugged/broken. Anyone else? @Saltypatra?

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Barrier does not work because the game incorrectly calculates the number of skull matches. Bone Dragon is broken.


It’s absolutely not supposed to work that way… and I’m pretty sure that @htismaqe’s explanation is the correct one.

You can gain Barrier when you have zero armour. It’s coincidence that the Barrier graphic is on the armour icon.

@sister is a he btw :stuck_out_tongue:

So based on that, and what Sirrian said above about how it ought to work, would this not be something that could/should be fixed? And that, without even touching the quagmire of nerf requests/discussions.

I used BD plenty, against barrier too. I’m absolutely positive that he does not remove barrier when removing armor, seen it too many times.

Besides, even if he did remove barrier, on most occasion he removes armor of a lower troop, which means a top troop with barrier shouldn’t have their barrier pop before the skull damage - yet they die.


Hmmm, I never thought to go look at the original release post for barrier. It seems the original intent was for it to block a full board full of skulls, regardless of how many individual matches it generates. However, that doesn’t mean that Bone Dragon is bugged. If all skulls matched simultaneously was only counted as a single skull match, even giving only a single match worth of damage, it would instantly break all skull generators. Skulls were “broken” in this way when the game first released if I remember correctly, and changed to the way they are now.

I just tested it, and it doesn’t actually work this way. You’ll see the animation over the armor (which is coincidentally where the barrier indicator is) and all the armor gets destroyed, but the barrier remains.

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Every time I’ve seen BD shred armor on a barriered troop it’s left the Barrier untouched. I remember, because it always kind of annoys me that the Barrier doesn’t activate. This is on PC.

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Thank you. Now I have to go test it to make sure I’M actually seeing it correctly.

I am a damn raving madman.

You’re right. The skull onslaught must have happened too fast for me to catch that. I’ve never recorded it.

Sadly this also shows my inexperience with BD lmao. I’ve only been using him for about 5 days now.

Right. It’s barrier that’s bugged here, not BD. I wasn’t wanting to say anything BD >.>

Sirrian actually said they’re looking at ways to address it. Bone Dragon will not be broken much longer!

How can you tell the barrier is untouched when the victim is instantly killed?

Have you ever seen Barrier malfunction against another troop not name Bone Dragon, though?

The target of Rend Flesh wasn’t in the first slot.

That’s not really the issue the OP is talking about though. He’s talking about the skulls resulting from Bone Dragon’s spell killing a barrier’d target even thought the barrier should stop him from talking damage.

No, it’s Bone Dragon, or more specifically how masses of skulls are counted. A single contiguous block of skulls, whether 3 or 30, should count as 1 hit. Barrier should be removed but no damage should be taken.

Instead, the Bone Dragon “blob” of skulls is calculated as multiple, separate skull matches, resulting in BOTH barrier being removed AND the target taking massive damage.

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I was replying to HKdirewolf talking about Rend Flesh removing a barrier. I was writing that I don’t remember it removing barrier.

Okay, I see. It seems like we have two different streams of though going here. :+1:

I THINK that Silvermaiden’s barrier may be working properly on iOS at least. When she has Barrier on and Bone Dragon turns half the board to skulls, the Barrier gets hit and drops, and she emerges undamaged.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, yes?


Yes, that’s how it should work. I haven’t used her enough yet to see for myself.

I’d love to see this fixed now that Jotnar is out. I didn’t know it was a bug until just now. =/