Is it normal for summoned units to be summoned with status effects on them?

i was playing in arena and my summoner got poisoned and everytime i summoned ghoul it would be poisoned i was just wondering if that was normal

That should not be normal. The summoned troop should come status free.

Well that’s new…


Sorta make sense. Still like the idea we once discussed where devouring a poisoned troop would cause the devoured to become poisoned.

Well if we did that then would the devoured troop that is on fire cause the eater heart burn?
If devour also takes the status effect (which can be interesting) then that would be a nerf to devour would it not?

or brainfreeze on devouring a frozen card

This is very true. Wonder if they would nerf devour like this? This would also boost all status effects.Then to balance decrease the mana cost of devour troops and increase the % chance. Wait this is spinning into a bad idea.