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Status effect request: disable troop summoning

while gems of war is strangely well balanced in the status effect department, even over such a wide variety, there is one ability you currently can’t defend against:
summoning troops, either through a trait or active skill.

just like frozen disables extra turns, either through 4 of a kind matching or skill effects (like all goblins have), it would be welcome if such a debuff status effect would exist which disables summoning troops.

since summoning is a widely available effect, it’s even a filter option in the troop filtering menu, and some troops like infernal king can even summon copies of themselves upon being killed, there should be an option to defend against this. the option that seems to make the most sense is to have a status effect that disables summoning. this way cleanse can also restore the ability.

i guess stun can defend against summoning traits, but nothing can stop summoning skills.

thx for taking this into consideration.



I’d much rather see them implement a troop cap. Once you hit 8 (x2 a normal team), all summons are disabled for that team (be it player or AI).
That way I don’t have to see 10 bandit spawns my next GW.

a troop cap is an option, but i’m not in favor of it. stupid reason being that the maximum kills you can get in 1 fight is 60, so that should be the cap.
less stupid reason is that most caps are bandaids. how often have you cursed against a goblin team that looped 15 times in a row? are we gonna limit the amount of extra turns for that? (but those can be halted with frozen).
that’s why i’m more in favor of a status effect that disables summoning.