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Summoner's third trait

Two bugs that i noticed when doing the first challenge in Gar Nok over and over again (need Arcane Lava and i’m not getting them at all :unamused:), related to the Summoner’s third trait (25% chance to summon an Ancient Horror on death.).

1 Summoner dies and spawns an invisible Ancient Horror. You can see it in this video:

2 Summoner dies as the last troop and spawns the Ancient Horror - game is over despite Ancient Horror being on the board.

These two bugs only happen from time to time.

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There is a bug where if the summoner is the last one killed, even if the Ancient Horror is summoned, the match still ends. It was like that with any character that had that ability.

I can try to make a better video to demonstrate that better. (I think this bug was also in the pc version but since got patched.)

(As for invisible troops, I saw that happen once but have no idea how to reproduce it so not going to add further comment.)

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Maybe it’s because I haven’t had any caffeine yet this morning, but I’m not seeing the invisible Ancient Horror in the video. What am I missing?

Good afternoon @Nex, how was the morning coffee? And @Mr.Strange for something other than console challenges and Valkyrie builds.

These 2 clips should show you exactly what I think he was meaning to describe. Can happen regardless if he’s killed by skulls or spells.


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Ah! That makes more sense. That’s an issue that we’re aware of, and are working to solve.

Thanks for letting us know, @piotr!

(And I’m undeleting my last comment. Only one of them should’ve been deleted. This is what a lack of caffeine does to me.)

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Still beats what happened before the last bug fix patch where the game would just crash outright. :slight_smile:

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Ok @Nex, grab more coffee here. I think I was able to figure out the “Invisible” bug. Unfortunately, part of the clip got cut off and I don’t really have the time to try and reproduce it, but I can tell you what happened.

I was in the Arena in the case (though I don’t think that mattered), and killed off a Warlock who had the Daemonic Trait pact. Next thing I see is the “empty” top spot not only collecting mana but attacking me (which you see his spell animation normally though that spot is still empty). You can select him as a target for a spell (as you’ll see I do) and it is also killable with skulls. My best guess is that it’s the trait working as normal, since it’s not the last troop killed to trigger the prior bug, but simply never appears in a box though it is otherwise fully there.

Here’s the clip of the end part of the fight. You can see the troop does gain mana here and can be attacked.

Regarding my video:
2:18 - Summoner dies
2:28 - you can see purple mana going to the 2nd spot, that is empty
2:34 - again
2:42 - again
2:49 - Ancient Horror uses Daemonic Feast
3:09 - 2nd spot takes 6 damage although it’s empty

No idea how you missed it @Nex lol.

Also thanks @Shiratori for the clips of the second bug i reported.

The answer is in the question @nex… it’s invisible:smiley:

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