Summoning Level Cap

Now that troops have been set to a max of level 20 for several months now, can we raise the summoning cap level from 15 up to 20? Most summoners fall off hard late game to begin with due to the summoned troop having no kingdom bonuses, with its only benefit being team bonuses. 5 extra levels in late game isn’t going to hurt, especially since most summoners won’t naturally reach the full 20 anyways.

Also, can the Daemonic Pact trait be buffed some? I feel like it should be 50% chance with the Ancient Horror being the same level as the troop it died from.


summoned guys don’t even get trait bonuses either. :cry:

I’m fine with no traits. That would be a bit too far for buffing them. A summoned Ghoul wall with its 30% evasion and instant match cast would be quite annoying.

I think Pact should be 100% chance, especially for a third trait.

Totally agree with this idea. :slight_smile:

I disagree with that for 2 reasons:

  • Most legends that have that trait are likely losing it for their legendary trait in 1.0.9.
  • Any troop with that trait would essentially be 2 troops.

I was thinking primarily of the legendaries which is where the majority of Pact resides, and I hope you’re right they go away. But I don’t think your second point matters much. The summoned unit is always much weaker than anything else on your team (essentially absorbing one blow and doing nothing more) and we’re talking about a third trait. It’s definitely near the bottom of the pack for third traits even at 50% chance, and certainly not worth the traitstones.

The main problem is if Pact does 100%, same level as the troop that dies (20), and has traits, then what is the point of ever putting Ancient Horror on a team? It would make Ancient Horror obsolete as a troop for any troop with Pact is Ancient Horror + another troop. That is why I want it 50% chance, same level as troop with Pact, and no traits.

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same level as troop card with no traits, which ever is lower - that i would be okay with.

Yeah, that wouldn’t be so bad. The combo of unlikely + weak makes it almost worthless and definitely makes a troop with it less valuable.

That said, I still disagree with your argument. You wouldn’t build a team where Ancient Horror is critical and rely strictly on getting it via Pact. Having it spawn mid-battle doesn’t impact the team bonuses or the synergy with the rest of the team’s abilities before it spawns, so it’s still of much more limited benefit than actually having one on your team.