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Summoner Troop spell change

Okay, Recently I made rather nice Orc team of Drake Raider, Cyclops, Summoner and Gar’Nok and the only thing that is just not right is Summoner’s spell. Just look at this.

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Why is he even gaining Magic with lvling up IF it doesn’t affect his spell power at all? I thought that he will give more life with leveling up, but no, he still adds only 6 life! That’s ridiculous. Right now my Summoner card has basic 24 Magic and for what? For nothing. It would be nice if the spell would be like:

Give all Allies (6+1/2 Magic) Life. Summon a Bone Daemon.

I made it half the Magic because all the Magic would be too powerfull.
What do you think about this change?


Well, theoretically, his magic gain isn’t completely useless since the “max” level of the summoned troop equals the summoner’s magic level. This is how magic works with all summoner types basically.


Lyya’s website is pretty amazing, but apparently it doesn’t show the tooltips that the game itself does. If you look at Summoner from the Troops menu, what @Ashasekayi wrote is explained right next to Summoner’s spell.

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Well, right, I forgot about this totally, that it affects the lvl of summoned troop. But still I think that this could be rethought, about this “life add” issue. It would really help to keep the Orc team alive for longer and made Summoner more useful.

I think all summoned troops should come in at the same level as the summoner troop - and not based on its Magic stat. This would allow many things to be done more sensibly or more effects to have decent scaling.

Whilst the OP is misplaced that the Magic stat does nothing, she is right that it does nothing useful.

(have assumed given name and picture that @Zwiezda is a ‘she’!)


Right! This is great idea to make summoned troop of the level of summoner! I hope developers might take a look to this topic and rethink “summon” ability once again. And made some other troops, not only Summoner, better :slight_smile:

ps. What is OP here? I think not Overpowered…
ps2. Did you just assume my Gender?! (kidding, I am a girl of course, you are right ^^)

Btw. How can I tag someone (staff member) to this topic? Just by adding @ before the nickname?

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OP = Opening Post

Um, yes.

Yes. Like @cyrup @Saltypatra

Oops I just did that. Of course they read and pass on all this stuff anyway. Honest.

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Just to add my pepper to the soup: Many Troops have a usability range that falls off after early game. Some Troops are great early and fairly impotent later - this is intentional design. I’m not saying there is no room for improvement… not by a long shot :slight_smile:

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Mostly because the design in earlier stages was very simple.
I can understand/imagine the challenges of bumping old kingdoms into a new tier of power, but still leaving it pretty basic. In Summoner’s case i believe it was an oversight when they were rebalancing the orcs using a middle-tier account as base (<- pure theory on my part).

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Hm, right, this is a Rare troop so it shouldn’t be that powerfull. But for example, Goblin Shaman’s spell adds Life too and it’s amount is detemined by Magic. I know it is random add and only to one troop, but still it can be quite high amount in some situations when we raise his Magic. And it is a Rare troop too.

So if my proposition to [ Give all Allies (6+1/2 Magic) Life. Summon a Bone Daemon. ] is too good, how about 1/3 Magic?

I start to think that maybe I want to much from one poor Summoner, but why not to discuss about improvements! :smiley:

From a fantasy logic perspective, it makes sense to me that one doing the summoning would be effective to the extent of their magic power not their basic level.

But on the other hand both things are mostly equal depending of the setting/system: A high level wizard is also powerfull. A basic Magic Missile can still be lethal when used by an Archmage.

I enjoy these discussions. And we see from previous Troop re-designs such as Dire Wolf, Orc and more that it can be a good thing.

I also know that the early part of the game, the part that captures new F2P players and turns them into paying customers, is a part the devs are reluctant to adjust in any way. Any change to Summoner would impact this since you don’t just use Summoner but you must fight against him as well. If his healing were boosted for you, its is boosted against you and that could be an imbalance the devs don’t want to tinker with.

If you buy into this premise it would mean that his power would have to swing up somewhere around Level 17 so he stays balanced early, still falls off in mid-game, then rises to great utility later. I’m not sure if this adds up or just confuses matters.

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It makes perfect sense and i believe it can be easily done. By the time people upgrade him and other rares the boost in magic would make it still viable but not better than other options with Base higher rarity.

I just wanted to say thank you that you changed his spell in 3.3 x)

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