Dying Summoner spawns Ancient Horror shock


Summoner was last enemy troop with just 7 life left. As I killed him an Ancient Horror spawned !

Might be of academic interest to the devs. :smile:


Er… @esslee… that there’s no a ghoul…


Pretty sure that’s the Summoner’s Deamonic Pack trait kicking in.


Its just the useless Daemonic Pack trait. I find the trait to be an anti-trait. Summoning a weak level 15 with no kingdom bonuses nor traits is okay on the rares that have the trait, but having it happen on Legends is just a mana blocker and weak attack.


Oops you’re right - headline should have read ancient horror lol - anyway he was dead as he spawned it :smile:



Daemonic Pact should be a 25% chance to summon The Silent One. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhh…there we are then. Never noticed that trait before. I can un-knit my eyebrows now :smile:


You can knit with your eyebrows? Now that WOULD be a talent…



What? The Silent One should be able to summon himself? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, The Silent Two.


They would banter with each other through extreme eyebrow expressions.