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Daemonic pact ancient horror traits

I assumed that when my daemonic pact activates it would summon and ancient horror with traits. Hopefully I didn’t spend the trait stones in vein. Will the trait work or is it bugged and supposed to be working? The latest patch lead me to believe that it’s traits would be effective upon activation of daemonic pact. Does the first trait for the ancient horror (cursed) work after daemonic pact summons the ancient horror? If not then will the other traits work maybe?

On PC/Mobile, traits work on summoned troops. However, traits that only activate at the beginning of the match won’t work. For example, “Cursed” activates when the match starts. So, it’s useless when a troop is summoned. But, “Magic Link” will work on a summoned troop. That trait can be activated throughout the match.

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Ive been testing it and I don’t think it’s traits work so far. Hopefully I’ve been over looking it…It’s kind of hard to find out for sure being that it is a 25% chance to activate. The trait is there but the little flag/banner isn’t displayed like they are with other troops…

Do you know if it is different for ps4?

As far as I knew, this wasn’t active on consoles yet. But, I’m not a console expert.

Edit: I placed this topic in console support.

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Console doesn’t have the Summoner buff yet.

@Nimhain, is it coming with the mini-patch or the next update?

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I don’t believe it’s in the mini-patch. Hopefully should be in the next update.

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I read the news again and it appears it would be an update thing to me as well

@faravule447 For now, no Traits on Summons. However, in only a few weeks they will! You didn’t Trait Ancient Horror in vain.

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