Drake Rider's 3rd trait

Has anyone else noticed that Drake Rider’s 3rd trait says he is going to summon an ancient horror on death, yet summons a “Drake” instead?

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Mine, on mobile - Android, says drake.

I can’t imagine you have an out of date version of the game, so you may want to post your exact version here.

I’m on Xbox One and mines said “Drake”, so you must have a minor glitch or something.

I noticed it in PVP on the PC last night, I won’t be on again for a couple days, I will re-check it as I didn’t take a screen shot last night.

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I see the weirdness on PC

Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-48-11


When reading a previous dev post I something about they where going to have is spawn an ancient horror, but had a last minute change since drake was ready. It’s most likely just a programming oversight.

Hm. I see Ancient Horror on PC.

Does anyone on PC see “Drake”? and does anyone on Mobile see “Ancient Horror”?

Same too, ancient horror on PC