Huge Ghoul on Challenge

But, hm, so, this happened.
This setup was Grosh-Nak third challenge on three stars. The first time I fought the challenge and the Summoners were able to casttheir spells, the ghoul it summoned seemed to scale (about 30 armor I guess, I don’t remember). I got to kill that. The next ghoul they summoned in the same fight had like 64 armor and 80 hp. I lost the battle. Then I got back to a new one… and that was the first ghoul summoned on that battle. Was that supposed to happen? The Summoner flavor text says it summons a Lvl 20 Ghoul, obviously it comes out as a lvl 15, but with mad skillz yo.

Edit: Oh yeah, warlock II.

Besides that, the update was amazing, totally new life for the game that was starting to become a grind to me. Keep up the great work (:

That ghoul has to be on steroids. There’s no other explanation.

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good lord could you imagine if they had one of those give everyone 5 magic and two or three of the summoners!

edit: looks like on player side it is capped now… hmmmm