This Game Is Almost Over!

So, I been playing regularly for almost 2 years now. I have spent real money on this game to VIP 7 so far. Before the 5.0 update… It was all worth it imo. But, now… This game is almost not worth playing. I thought it was worth it to support the devs. Again, now… Nope. All these stupid changes will kill this game. Many will not agree. I may get banned for grief. But, at this point, it doesn’t matter. I will probably be quitting this game soon. Explore is garbage now. Deeds are way too hard and expensive to get. Souls are now even more worthless because you need to have way too much to get anywhere else in mid to late game. Class trials are stupid and for the most part… You get almost nothing for the time. Now these stupid writs or whatever they are called. I said a while back that this is quickly turning into a pay to win only like game. I still say all the guild changes will break the whole game. This has happened to many games like this. Personally I don’t mind a nice grind. But, this has gotten out of control for this game now. The grind time now is so stupid slow… May as well close your doors. I have said this before. Not everyone plays 16+ hours a day. Not everyone plays even 2 hours a day or even per week. As a paying customer… All these recent updates past 4.5 are useless money grabbing trash. I might last till Jan. 1st 2020. I have tried so hard to get into the new explore. All it did was introduce more ways to throw even more real money to this game. And I know people will say to just not play. I still give this game 5 years or less before it is totally dead. You will see.


Another five years would give the game a ten year lifespan. That’s not at all bad.


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I agree that class trials offer very little rewards, but then I’m no fan of the way the required xp for classes is scaled to begin with.
As for souls, writs etc, I think small adjustments could be big improvements for these issues.
I suspect that the biggest annoying grinds are in the end game, when you need tons of pets which you can’t specifically hunt for example. Or doom scrolls, or writs/deeds etc. Specific items that you can’t target and can’t cover with a blanket item like the wisdom orbs are for trait stones. That is the stage which looks the most off putting to me.

I said or less lol. If they totally make the current updates 100000% better for all… This game won’t last five years. For new players… All this is too much. They may last till around level 500 then just leave as at that point it is just too much grind.




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But ribbing aside, I think the request to use paragraphs was probably less to do with policing your grammar and more to do with making your points easier to read and agree with, especially for non-native speakers who might have trouble parsing your points without the visual aid that paragraphs provide.

Just my 2¢ — best of luck in your future gaming. Will miss you here if you leave


i really like this game. besides the hick-up with pvp gold rewards recently that Salty already said they were working on… the devs do an above and beyond job moving the game forward, improving the game and adding new features. so much so i wish they would slow down a bit :sweat_smile:

sound like you dont like the game at all… in that case im not sure why we are having this conversation at all. i encourage everyone to do what makes them happy and enjoy their time.


Okay I shouldn’t have been abusive. But condescending grammar fanatics get my goat and contribute zip. Fact