The game is dying and nothing is done to change it

Good Morning! The game is losing its grace, it’s getting annoying to play. Always the same things, the same events! Updates without major changes, until when are we going to stay like this? Letters with lvl 20 and Misticas for a long time, I have letters with almost 900 of them that are of no use. We know they can have their lvls increased and you just ignore them and you do not! We need new challenges, something that holds the player more and not the facilities that you are giving in the game! As the game goes, you will lose a lot of players, as new games are being launched with several new mechanics and you prefer to keep making updates that do not add anything new and good in the game! Forgive bad English, I’m using Google Translate, since neither the Portuguese Language you want to put in the game! Hugs!!!


There have been 2 major additions in the last 6 months, factions and tower of doom. Both are/get pretty challenging at later levels, so they cater to the endgame-ish people.

I honestly doubt many games out there add two fully new game modes in like 6 months…


I disagree, doom and factions lost all aspect of gaming challenge with the introduction of potions. The only challenge that gems has to offer these days is having the cash to buy LB position, which is now severely inflated. Invasion now takes about 8k gems to ‘compete’ for the power orb. The game is an exercise in grand larceny and only those with time and financial affluence are the only benefactors. This game is a joke.


You can’t use potions in the regular factions :wink:

True, that’s why the credit cards get maxed during faction events. The days of trying to do lvl 500 delves with faction team without potions seem to be over, as faction LBs indicate. I don’t even do daily delves anymore, but I refuse to spend all day or most of the weekend being a potion pussy.


To be fair, as a match-3 style rpg I’m fine with the content we have nowadays. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve been playing this game for over 2 years and I feel that the devs don’t really know the core element about this game very well. For this type of games, system is always > new content.

When I’m saying system, I’m talking about variations of play style, team combinations, weapons, or even the differences of the same troop. Making the single troop to be different, or weapons, and to set up the same team that you used before with a brand new ideal such as yellow gems explode mountain crusher, - skull dmg taken infernus(to achieve this we may need new system such as troops equipment, runes, or whatever new elements). Balancing and reworking on some old cards, bringing back the old weapons and make variations to them, is the priority that the devs should do.

I enjoy more trying out different teams with new different elements as I said above, than fighting the same thing with the same teams over and over. Troops equipment, runes, talent or anything they can come up with, just to give the life back to the old content, troops, weapons, and polish the game from what we have experienced but not so great and complete.

I can’t speak for everyone but it’s how I think.

The only thing that matters or is any challenge in this game is guild wars. Everything else is just easy grinding repetitive bs.


Competing for power orbs is sooooooo unnessecary. I have a zuul and have never once been on any event LB. If people want to pay 8k gems to get a power orb… Thats great! This game needs the $ investors.


Factions are a joke. Seriously they are hard enough and to have troops 1 shot me, be empowered and 1 shot me,or summon troops which makes it impossible to win. I hate factions so i just skip them

Thank you for the feedback in this thread. We have two very vocal sections of our playerbase, one that wants us to continue adding new content (especially for end gamers) and the other that feels there is too much content.

The reality is, we can never truly appease both of these opinions. We have added several new game modes over the last year, and largely the game is a lot more complex than it once was. It isn’t easy to keep a game fresh over several years, but we do our best to bring new features and game modes in a way that also doesn’t overwhelm newer players. Of course, this approach is hotly debated by both sides, as is natural.

Also, this thread title is quite misleading. :stuck_out_tongue: Our game is not dieing, and in fact is only continuing to grow.


You forget about the ones who wait for Arena/Treasure Map/PVP (ie old game modes)/old troops/old weapons rework :slight_smile: . Or we are not enough “vocal” :thinking:.

Trust me, you are plenty vocal. This only goes to show that there are many different needs voiced by our playerbase.

However, we cannot add new content AND rework existing features AND implement much needed quality of life improvements AND fix bugs in one development cycle.

We have to prioritise what we bring to each update, and it’s not completely at our discretion. We also need to listen to what our publisher wants to see in game, as well as our player-base, as well as ourselves. (We do have a creative vision and many goals for Gems of War!)

PVP and the availability of old weapons are something we are actively investigating at this point in time. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Treasure Map and Arena will see significant changes in the short term future.


What about increasing the levels of the Cards and the possibility of changing their rarities? We have excesses of cards that are useless, something practical to do with it, especially to old players just like me! And with regard to adding the language in Portuguese when we will have this in the game? After all here in Brazil there are a lot of people playing and not everyone is influential in English, I even play in Spanish!

ive been wanting level 100cards and kindoms for yrs…i have the souls for it! xD not even talking about rarity just max level 100 instead of 20

I just want to say what salty said is full of b I’ve checking the forum for a year and never seen a post that says tooooo muuuch contents lol (prove me wrong)… this is the first game I played where I can’t see anything in the game that’s been suggested by players. And the stream was waste I feel like can get and understand the patch info from tacet than that last stream. This is my feedback thank you



A post from a year ago with less supporters still doesn’t validate the excuse

The game is on no way dying. It is improving and growing. It’s just not fun anymore. That’s a completely different problem.

I think the game has enough content as far as events, 4 weekly/4 weekend/3 daily
It should basically be on autopilot until all of the content is released(I’m guessing 2 years give or take)
Anyone who says there’s not enough content, there is plenty of other games and real life, try em :wink:

I will add that instead of a focus on new modes, time could be spent on figuring a way to reincorporate old weapons, cosmetic pets etc, in order to make it possible to get all things maxed
There’s a lot of these items that most don’t have and can’t get

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