Cosmetic Pets Need To Go Away!

So, I really love the artwork. But, these cosmetic pets are worthless. I have put in at almost 200 usd or close in this game. It is worth it imo. But, these worthless cosmetic pets need to go away. Stop scamming your customers. If I spend the time or money on a so called pet it better do something. Sorry to the artists. But, the devs or whomever decides to give a choice to do the worthless cosmetic pet trash… Needs to be fired. This is not how you attempt to market to make more money or play time. This alone will help me chose to stop playing this game and boycott it. You all can say we have the choice to do the worthless pet mission or not. IMO… You devs should never offer a paid and or time consuming worthless idea ever. Especially, when many have spent thousands on this game. Get your stuck up heads out of your backside and make a game and not worthless content. Just saying. I know I will get a lot og hate for this. But, I have actually spent money on this and expect something in return. Not worthless crap. Although, this is not the artists fault. They are just doing their job. But, the greedy devs… I will stop as children may be lurking through here.


The reason they make features like this is they wager you’re bluffing. They’ve got data that tells them if it’s a safe bet or not. They also have a rough idea of how likely you are to spend more money in the future based on that data. The economy is one where it doesn’t matter if you lose customers as long as they’re customers who won’t spend.

So even if you did quit, if you weren’t planning on spending quite a bit more on the game they don’t care.

I hate F2P economics. The player can’t win.


I know right. Just a grief is all. That may get me banned. Hope not spent too much, but will never hold back no matter what. Truth is more powerful than greed. At some point people will realize this and any game with this model will fail. They need to think of their player base not only money. Without the player base… They will fall. They might be doing good now… But… In 5 years… They will close down with this kind of model. You all will see.

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In this world
This is the hill u choose to die on, cosmetic pets in a free to play game from the other side of the world
Fight the power…


Cosmetics are extremely popular in most F2P games. It’d be ludicrous if the devs or the publishers didn’t add them to the game.

I, personally, don’t see cosmetic items per se as a problem - for example, bunny and dwarf avatars are cool (unfortunately, of the available options I still prefer naga look, so…). There is no reason not to have beauty thingies for sale (for whatever type of currency).

My issue with GoW cosmetic pets, specifically, is that they are not entirely cosmetic. They are associated with a kingdom, contribute to pet mastery levels and can be used for gaining kingdom stars. This part doesn’t fall in with cosmetic narrative in my book.
On the other hand, if cosmetic pets were living in a kingdom of their own - Petscopia or, maybe, Maker’s Plane - and in addition to having “no bonus” disclaimer would also have “no pet mastery & stars” policy attached, it would be a completely different - and much better - situation.


I am heavily agree with you, the problem with Cosmetic pet is they are not purely cosmetic

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Cosmetics in terms of like, “playing dressup with the hero” would be awesome. People spend crazy bank on that stuff and I’m not going to pretend I’d not buy a fancy hat.

But old dev Q&As sort of confirmed this is never happening. It was said to cost too much compared to rates of return. (Personally I think the problem is they were talking in terms of the custom avatars, which all have different sizes, which means every piece of armor needs to be scaled/adjusted for them. If they were smart they’d do like every other game with cosmetics and stick to the same size/aspect so all of the cosmetic stuff fits the paper doll. Sigh.)


Players not supporting other players need to go away before we can achieve any request :fist:

I remember a player getting grief for spending a ton of gems to mythic a cosmetic pet when they were first introduced. Looks like we all will be doing that at some point due to kingdom levels. :man_facepalming:


all pets should be in the drop pool, because we approached the point of them being relevant for kingdom power levels. maybe just instead of regular 1 month waiting period for normal (non cosmetic) pets, cosmetic only pets could have a 3 month waiting period


If they’re going to throw cosmetic pets into pet gnomes, they need to just futureproof the system.

I really don’t think I want to see the day where I need to max out my Guppy and see 5 cosmetic pet rescues in a row because the pet pool is too large now.

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It is a free and personal choice to spend cash on a game.
It also is a free and personal choice to spend cash on a pet without reading its description.

Spending cash on a pet that says Does X in the description while it actually does nothing in game would ammount to a scam, I agree.

Spending cash on a pet that says Does nothing in the description while it actually does nothing in game, is a player made free choice🤷

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Monay to Friday could be normal pets and weekends could be cosmetic pets from gnomes.