It's been fun till now... I tried

Loved this game till this new explore. Then badges and medals garbage. Been trying to get used to all this. But, just can’t. Too many steps for explore now. Click this and that. Before was so quick. Slick explore and play. Now all kinds of pop up garbage or continue clicks. Not to mention the totally useless badge system.

I might log in once every few months now if that. Lesson learned. Never support any game ever again. What a waste of money now. When I first started playing I thought this was worth throwing money at to support the devs. After the last few updates… Not even worth logging in anymore. The grind is so bad and long now. Unless 5.0 produces a miracle, there is no point anymore.

What a bloody waste. I’ll say it again. Lesson learned.


I played on switch for a while and quickly gave that up when I saw where this was heading. My guild still has Switch guild but I’m not in it. Too much time. I will stick to Xbox because that’s all I have time for.


I am with you 100%. I barely play anymore because it became way too much, and cost too much. I finally gave up. The Delve grind started it. The rest just avalanched from there. Badges, metals, scrolls, cosmetic pets, explores, new classes, weapons, troops coming out my ears, factions… Ug. I can’t take anymore. I play guild wars. That’s about it.


My brother has accounts on all 3 platforms except Switch. (I asked him why not Switch before the new explore) Now he mostly plays on PlayStation, but he said even that desire is fading.

For me as well, on XBox. If @apoll or @blondie are on Xbox and looking for a guild to fight the occasional GW and not much else, let me know. Otherwise, have fun finding new games to enjoy. Cheers.

Yeah I’ve been a “whale” for many other games but this one is ridiculous. The devs are strictly anti-player. I can’t in good conscience spend money on this game because it’s supporting a toxic development process.

On the other hand, can’t really free to play either. This last cycle managed to release a new mythic before I was able to obtain ANY mythic (even a duplicate). I play every day for multiple hours and yet was unable to make progress in the mythic department before the goal was moved further back. It’s like grinding in an RPG for a month then finishing at a lower level than what you started.

What’s the point? People want to progress and feel like they’re accomplishing something (and no, being flooded with ingots isn’t progress).That’s how you maintain a playerbase.


I’ve played for years. The game is awesome. New things keep me interested. Improving troops is an end game goal. I enjoy explore and farming medals. Without something to do, I’d be bored.

I’ll be here years from now, because I have something to do. People want to catch up? Well, there’s plenty of stuff to do for new to mid game players. The problem is a lack of commitment, unwillingness to be patient, too high expectation that the game should by design fit the level of interest or participation of people not really interested in anything but getting the best stuff now…

It took me years to get to where I’m at. But the complaints the game has too much is incredible to me, as the people that say that would be bored to death and move on if the game was simple, and unsophisticated…

Learning and acquisition are key components in Gems of War, but what’s most important is playtime. Even someone playing three to four hours a week is going to get a lot further over two or three years, vs someone too disinterested to bother learning basic gameplay mechanics and calls it quits.

I think it’s funny that the game has no advertisements in it, let’s you play endlessly, and yet people complain that’s unfair business practice, and promotes unhealthy habits.

If you feel having to play a game to get somewhere is unhealthy, you should give up on gaming.


I don’t understand the “I’m sorry I supported this game” mentality. If you were playing and having fun, it makes perfect sense to support the people who made it. If I buy a car and drive it for 10 years then it breaks down I don’t say, “Well, you sure fooled me, Ford. Now I know to never pay for a car.”

“The devs are strictly anti-player.” Who says this? That’s obviously not true. Hyperbole doesn’t advance a conversation. Just because you aren’t getting Mthics as fast as you would like doesn’t make the developers a group of Snideley Whiplashes.


Yeah, it took me 3 years to get a full roster of all troops to mythic and a couple months more to be able to maintain at the release with orbs to spare
One problem is how easy it is to get to level 1000 anymore, then they think they are far into the game
They think if they play 10 hours in a day, they should be able to get further, whereas the reality is it’s about the rewards and events each day, less about playtime itself
There’s plenty to do, some things more optional than others, but it’s a marathon, sprinters get bored faster


As somebody who quit right around the map redesign and only started reading these forums because of a stray e-mail and Puzzle Quest being on Switch, I can pretty much vouch for the game being anti-player. I was a VIP 5 and bought countless of other things before I saw the game going in a pay to progress direction.

Everything that has been added has required real life cash or an insane amount of luck. Getting cards is simple, that’s not what the problem is. The problem is that there are WAY too many things to upgrade and level, and the “difficulty” spike and daily energy cap limits of doing those things is pay to play. And since everything in the actual gameplay is RNG, even if you pay for the energy system to go away for a while and play, you still might lose.

Opening a chest is a loot box. That’s fine. The gameplay is a loot box with the randomness. That’s fine. Paying to do both, while in game rewards for doing such are lowered more and more? That’s not fine.


I quit after the map redesign and ui change that introduced the bright green bars. It wasn’t until about 8 months after that that I read about a forum topic suggesting I change my TV settings to “movie”.

I still play this game as free to play, although I probably should have bought DK armor at some point to help support it. I know there are others that play it as free to play as well. I am thankful for those that keep the game financially viable, but I’ll keep playing as long as it’s fun to play, which to me it is.


I don’t think it’s meant for everyone to play all modes in this game. It’s only “tiresome” because you’re trying to focus on all modes instead of just a few.



Energy system? Hahaha. Daily energy cap limits? Anyone that plays knows there’s no such thing in Gems of War.

Enjoyed the troll stroll. Thanks for the laughs.

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Last time I was around there was a limit to how many… uh… what are they called? Those portal things is what I’m talking about. And there was one (or maybe the same one) where you had a chance to catch ravens (called something with a V I think) to get more energy to keep doing the event, or you could buy the energy with money.

Is there no limit to how many delves you can do a day? Or something in the new map, is there no limit to any of those things? I’m pretty sure there was when I last played.

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A lot of the optional events and guild events have sigils, but there’s no daily energy cap. You can play twenty-four seven collecting gold, trophies, tokens, and other important resources.

The sigils aren’t bad, you get plenty for free, and if you collect tribute and are in a decent guild you get plenty of gems for free to participate.

AW Ryan has lots of completely free to play players, they have no issues competing or participating in any of the events.

Right, so it still exists. That’s an energy cap that you can pay for with real money. You forget that I was in your guild (if you are still there), that being AWR, which was/is near the top of the rankings. And to be in that guild you had to spend gems to meet requirements, which only had to be set because of the energy cap. So you either paid real money, or you used all of the rewards (which have been lowered since) from the other grinding you did to buy energy for the events.

Before all of the delve stuff I paid for things because I wanted to and the game was fun. As soon as I was heavily encouraged to pay for things I just stopped playing and turned sour on the game. I remember that you love this game and paid out the wahoo for things, and that’s cool, but don’t tell me there is no energy caps while explaining to me why they “aren’t that bad”, that’s just silly.


Yes, participation in game activities is encouraged when you are in a guild. There’s no energy limits on gameplay, that was my point.

Without spending gems, or getting lucky and having the bird appear, can I log in and play as many times as I want during one of the portal events? Yes or no?

Can I delve as many times as I want in a day, without paying gems, yes or no?

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There’s no way to spend gems on daily delves, we get three full delves a day.

There are delve events, but only on Tuesday and one weekend every five weeks.

You can do the same amount of delves as every other player, for free, each day.

As far as the other events, after you have all the rewards, why bother continuing unless you like burning gems to be on the leaderboards?

I play as much as I want, no charge, no cost.

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How do the delve events work?

They level your main delve automatically, but delving is really end game stuff. Spending gems to complete a delve during an event is useless if you don’t have the troops to beat it. It’s completely optional, we have lots of guild-mates that participate, and some that don’t.

They added a cool mechanic called potions, which allow events to run smoother. You start blessed, barriered, enchanted, and with a board explosion, depending on what tier you decide to buy.

Either way, participation in delve events is completely optional. Since you can just delve daily, some prefer to do it during an event though to get potions.

I used the word buy, as in spend gems, but we have several free to play players that have max delve points, that never bought anything in GOW.