Out. Done. Finished. Etc. 10 chars apparently, last thing I needed to see today

I’ve been on the fence for probably 2-3 years at this point. New content isn’t interesting, its all some kind of grind and its divided between dumb RNG, stat checks, or those unfortunate instances where its both RNG AND stat checks.

My line that the developers are stuck under the thumb of the publisher has steadily devolved into ruder lines I won’t say here. Its bad. I don’t know what is going on anymore but I have no faith and no trust. Stuff isn’t maintained, quality is low, the whole thing.

Don’t even get me started on testing. Obviously there’s not enough of that going on.

Honestly the only reason I’ve stuck around so long is that that it was convenient to have a game I could briefly play while waiting for something else, and drop immediately when the something else showed up. I do not care anymore, it makes me too annoyed to continue and I have way more interesting things to do.

I’m well aware there’s some kind of rule against goodbye threads, but it is a stupid rule because nobody leaving is going to care about obeying the rules.

I will finish this week’s guild wars, which has already pissed me off more this week than almost any I can remember, and then I’m gone at the end of the week. If anyone wants to reach out, you can do that. I have uploaded iterations of my more useful spreadsheets to dropboxes, they will expire soon after I’m gone so if anyone wants in I suggest having a look.

This is it.


If you’re not enjoying it, don’t play. People come and go from games all the time. It’s not healthy to play a game because you feel obligated to play it. If I didn’t enjoy playing Gems of War, I would have stopped a long time ago as well.


Best of luck wherever you end up! Do you by chance have links to the dropboxes you mentioned?

EDIT: Nevermind, found in other threads. To consolidate:

Classes Analysis
Deed Usage Table


Have always valued your contributions here, best wishes for your future endeavors and hope you find something more fun to play :+1:

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It’s not as simple as that. Gow is by design addictive. A lot of players get hooked (not all) and it’s very hard to quit. Gow ticks all the psychological boxes in some peoples’ brains and the more time you put in the harder it is to quit, and again this is by design.

Gow is not like most other games. For example Skyrim, I played that for 100’s of hours over several playthroughs and enjoyed every minute, loved it. But eventually I got tired of it and moved on to other games. Even though I was still loving it and had nothing but good things to say about it I still moved on and it was easy to do so. Gow is different, it has an extra element that makes it hard to quit for some. I can’t say I’m “loving” gow in fact there are many times a week where I hate it actually. But here I still am, grinding away every day…


Sad to see you go @Shimrra… I don’t know you personally but I used to think you are one of the devs when I was fairly inactive on the forums. Such was your activity and involvement here. Wish you a lot of fun in whatever you end up doing. I would like to assume that you already found something like that. Take care of yourself in RL too.

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Finally got ya.

Sad to see you go, your insight in guild chat when there, and on here was always good value.

You won’t miss freakin goblins!

Take it easy :grinning:

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Don’t blame you one single bit. It’s been a fun ride with you, @Shimrra . Take care.

Then just stop? Don’t log on? Delete your account? It’s really, really simple.

Are you going to go through withdrawal or something? When I wanted to quit playing Hearthstone, which I played A LOT of, but I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, I went through and disenchanted every one of my cards. I haven’t logged on since.

I’ve quit many, many addictive games that had elements of collections and fear of missing out, such as Magic the Gathering and Heroes of the Storm.

Take your time back.

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Sorry to hear that you are quitting @Shimrra BUT (a big but coming) I also don’t get these threads and discussions.

As mentioned by others, if the game becomes a burden or you don’t enjoy it anymore, just stop playing it. Or delete it. You don’t have to give a reason or you don’t have to announce this publicly.

To me, Gems of War, with all its bugs and issues, is simply one of the best things I have played in the last years. Almost all mobile games have bugs, even more horrible than Gems of War, even the paid or in-app purchase ones. None of the bugs in Gems of War, so far, made the game un-playable. I know that many won’t like what’s coming but that is how I feel. Do I like the server lags and spinning loading screen? Hell no! Can I still play the game? Yes, every other action just takes another 4-5 seconds. Does any of the existing bugs (I am sure people can list 100s of them) affect my day to day play? Not at all (and I play a lot!). Was there any bug that affected the gameplay drastically? Yes (cannot remember exactly, but hard lock during Wryrun release comes to mind for example). Did the devs mitigated (note, not fixed, but provided a work around) in a fast manner? Yes! So, again, regardless how much we complain, still one of the best games I am playing and a game with quite good support.


Glad to see I’m appreciated here folks.

I’m gonna go now! If anyone absolutely needs to reach me for something, holler until someone who knows how to find me notices you. For what its worth, I doubt much will happen.

If the devs wanted me to stay, they’d fix the damn game. But, well, that’s not a thing that’s going on.

Stepping off the treadmill before it hurls me off.


“If you don’t like it leave instead of giving feedback” is not a healthy stance, either. Then you wind up with an echo chamber where all you ever hear is positive.

I think the rule against goodbye posts is silly. I think they should be reasonable and not devolve into excessive insult-laden rants, but I think that customer feedback should be a priority for any business.

Unfortunately, this business has made its trajectory extremely clear. More random, more monetization, more grind, more timesink, and at this point I wouldn’t even be surprised if the obnoxious amounts of slowness were intentional either because they slow down resource gain/“increase engagement” (by making you play even longer per session). As well-intentioned as any feedback might be, if it were going to have any effect, it would have by now.

Until whales quit en masse and people quit chugging down battlepa$$es nothing’s going to change.

Sucks to see another regular bite the dust, but I completely support the decision. Take care @Shimrra!


Someone who wasn’t enjoying the game would leave without letting anyone know. I believe those who post their Bye-bye posts here, actually love or at least had loved the game and community playing it. They earned their right to create a post. I don’t read every post that doesn’t interest me, so anyone who wishes to not see these posts may just not see/open them.