A little rant before I leave the game for a while/There be memes!

I have already informed my guild of my decision to quit. The chosen implementation of GW has ruined the game for me. I may play a little casually in PvE later on, but I will not join a GW-participating guild.

There are two fundamental problems with Gems of War: (1) The AI is borked (and everyone knows it), and (2) The RNG isn’t truly random, because a bad algorithm was chosen (there is graduate-level math behind what I say), and the devs refuse to change it. The abnormal repeating of gems in cascades, the streakiness of the Death Mark effect, and the streakiness of key drops are all explained by this one condition.

The implementation of the Guild Wars was plagued, IMHO, by a string of poor design choices all intended to cover up the two basic issues above, and to mislead players into thinking that the defenses in GW would be similar enough to human play to make the sum total feel like true head-to-head competition, which it most certainly is not. In particular, they knew the chosen scoring system would generate interminable arguments, and in so doing prevent the vast majority of players from thinking about the points made above. It is not, again IMHO, the most ethical way to conduct business in the gaming industry. When people spend money on a competitive game, they have a right to know what the rules are.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I have always been VIP 0. I have never had any issues with the VIP system in and of itself.)

Finally, the atmosphere in the game’s official forums is downright poisonous, I am not exaggerating when I say it is the worst I have seen in at least 20 years of online gaming. I can’t even count the number of people I would have long-since banned from these forums, had it been my call. I’m sure some of them will flame me here, at least until the devs lock or remove the thread, and they’ll be wasting their time, as I won’t be here to read it. I am convinced the direction forum regulars are lobbying the devs is not even close to the wishes of the player base as a whole. I have seen quite a few very good online games fail after falling into this trap.

So, for all the people who like what you’re getting, have fun with this. I’m not.


Claims require evidence to be believed. I suppose you’ve personally reviewed the game code to come to this conclusion?


Sorry to see you go. Good luck on your future pursuits.


Agree to disagree on this one … I’m not gonna follow this thread, no good will come of it.

  1. Best of luck, sorry to see you go.
  2. If you feel like being charitable, join a very low level guild and help out, or check back in a few months you never know…

You have got to be kidding, I not even going to insert a witty retort here.


Most of everything else you typed is obviously an opinion, though perhaps an educated one, but this sentence here makes me wonder what walled garden utopia you’re living in that you think this forum is poisonous. It definitely has its moments and trolls (whether purposeful or unknowingly) tend to make their appearance from time-to-time, this forum is far, far, far from the worst but I guess that is my opinion vs yours; if you really think it’s toxic then it’s good you’re leaving as no one should be forced to stay in such an environment…it’s just a shocking opinion to hear and not one I see echo’d very often, especially not by regulars.

I’ve also never understood “Dear John” posts like this. What is the purpose of this post if you’re not going to stick around to converse about the subject you brought up? Do you just feel so compelled to vent that you had to leave a steaming turd on your way out the door? I mean to each their own but it always seems a strange and juvenile way to respond. I realize that’s my opinion though and everyone is (mostly) free to do what they want so hopefully you got some closure from it as I don’t think it’s going to do the community any good so you’re kind of engaging in the very “toxic” behavior you decry in your post. shrug


Many of us high level players plan to opt out of Guild Wars, I am guessing at least one high level guild will either opt out or only play 1 time to get the needed troop and then opt out until new troops are available…or Guild Wars one week a month would be acceptable. 6 days a week to go for daily wins? Nope. Every week? Nope. I will be opting out or limited GW play.

Simple reason: I play games for fun, Guild Wars is not fun. It encourages putting the worst defense teams, which is what I already disliked about the game. I skip those DK Beast teams in PVP, so having to face them in GW is not for me.

I will be in a guild with no or very limited participation in GW in the near future.

Suggested Fix: Guild Wars opponents you face are teams selected by the Devs. Difficult but not gimmicks. This way the wars are truly “even” as everyone is fighting against the same teams.


I’m sorry to see anyone quitting, but I need to pick on you a little:

People get really, really stuck on this. Truly random systems can be very streaky (or at least, as close to “truly random” as is physically possible for a plain ol’ computer program). “Random” absolutely, positively does not mean “nice equal distribution of all possible events”.

This game in particular feels staggering more fair than most MTX/IAP games I’ve played. You really and truly don’t need to spend anything (as opposed to games where you technically don’t but you really kinda do); there’s no artificial gating like Energy that exists simply to force you to pay-to-play; paid resources can be obtained in reasonable amounts in-game for free; and after all that there’s still a valid reason to pay if you choose to do so.

I can’t disagree more. I’m not sure what your personal experiences have been, but this community is nigh-pristine compared to others that I’ve experienced.

And ultimately, that’s the only measure that matters. It’s a game - if it’s no longer fun for you, then it’s time to move on. Maybe you’ll return one day!


We can still have the game we enjoy, just be in a guild that opts out of Guild Wars. That is my current plan.


Sorry to see anyone go. Can’t really agree with your points, especially about the forum community. I assume poisonous means ‘largely disagrees with you’. Best of luck with wherever life and games take you.


The community has, by and large, been very positive and cohesive. Until Guild Wars came out and anybody that didn’t like it was met with “Guild Wars is great!”, “If you can’t handle the stress quit”, “matches matter, you need to get better”, and all the other drivel that is associated with people that are “winning”.


Yea, there is some negative “drivel” coming from some people on both sides of the Guild Wars argument. But of course, that is pretty much normal for anything that is debated on the internet.


I’m speechless tbh…were those 20 years spent playing farmville type games? :grin:


Seriously, that’s one of the most disingenuous comments I have ever read. This game forum is extremely tame compared to the majority of forums for games that are active.


In the entire less-than-one-week we’ve had GW here, I seem to remember the forum being as diverse in views and as largely collaborative as always. Perhaps I missed the threads were people who dislike GW were more than usually rubbished? I recall comments and the usual internet mock-acrimony on both sides.

We’ve had that same mad variety of attitudes on most topics, like nerf debates. Some argue they’re unbeatable. Some complain that they’re ubiquitous. Some think they’re fine as they are. Some think that anyone who complains is a loser. Same old same old… but not exactly poisonous…


I’m always glad when people whose attitude is “I’m going to take my ball and go home” actually take their ball and go home. And this forum is not the worst atmosphere I’ve seen in the last 6 months, and there is some graduate-level made up statistics to back that up. Now can we get back to the “DM is evil” and “No it isn’t” threads like grown-ups, please. :rolling_eyes:


I’ve been keeping up with the posts about GW and it just seems like chaos. I would have to play it to know though right? Are GW coming to PS4? Which I am on.

@EmsDad15 Guild Wars will be coming to console with the next big patch. The patch is currently being reviewed by Sony/Microsoft.


Thank you.