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This definitely isn't Wild Fang


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Me too, another annoying issue with the weekly event. How does this happen so often?

Does it reward Gob-Chomper when you purchase?

Could just be a display bug

Yes, it includes exactly those that are shown in the picture.

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I sacrificed 400 to test it and confirm it’s Gob-Chomper

Hey @Alpheon, feel free to mail me my Wild Fang

I got him from event chest

wasted my event keys trying to get wild fang cause i had the same with gobchomper sigh. got 3 garbage cards.

Atleast i got venbarak with the 15 glory keys i had from the weekly + a challenge i could complete.

Sorry again about this. We’re investigating it now. Please keep tagging a dev in threads about this, as it’s our quickest way of discovering the issue if it’s made it to live!

Alrighty, also found another issue with the store that was also fixed. Sorry everyone, game should now be all good. Wild Fangs a plenty.


@Alpheon - I’ve seen a couple questions today from console players who look like they need to open a support ticket. Can you confirm that the right place to go is to either follow the Support links at the top of this page or to follow the instructions for PC/Mobile players in the Support thread? That is, regardless of what the Console Support Thread says, not to send a ticket to 505 Games support?

If so, could someone update both the support thread here (to direct people to the right place) and the support page at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new so that it no longer tells console players to go to 505 Games?

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You are correct - sending tickets straight to us following the support links at the top of the page is how to get in contact with our in-house support team. I’ll raise it with our support team and get it updated.

Edit: Sorry, just had to double check this. Just to clarify: going through Zendesk links above will raise the request to our support team, but you can still receive support by going through 505 games as well.


Perfect - thanks!

Sorry, seems I misspoke - looks like support can still be given through either avenue. Depending on the issue though, they might redirect you to the other team, but I don’t believe that happens very often.

Oh, interesting. As long as the posted information isn’t steering people into an abyss, then its all good!


Yeah, it’s things like that that might get missed in my experience in the past. So it’s good to double check.

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I’m thoroughly confused on where to send a support ticket.

I will be home soon, anyone
Can confirm if wild fang is here?

Anywhere you want to and it will get taken care of.

Will there be some kind of compensation for getting stuck with the wrong card? I had to waste 400 glory twice to get the right card.

If you can open a support ticket here, the support team will give you the correct troop. :slight_smile: Otherwise I believe they may refund the glory spent on broken bundles like this.

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