Missing glory from my account

I logged in and tried to buy chests with 1k glory but when i baught said chests it said cxannot be completed at this time. The game then kicked me out to the sign in screen and took my glory but i recieved no chests or rewards. Please help gamertag is XRT Epyon and thanks you for your time

Just a friendly advice, don’t ever spend glory on glory chest, they are too precious just keep your glory for the glory bundle in the store it will give you 1 troop 2 arcane stones 2 event keys and 4 minor stones

i useually do but didnt want this weeks even card since its gob chomper atm and hasnt updated yet

Just keep your glory for next week then , you know console going to get update soon and we will get 3 troop per week and you will need lot of glory

Also they will fix gob chomper and change him for wild fang

sweet thanks for the heads up

bumb to the top

You should probably open a support ticket, rather than waiting for someone to notice this.


Even though the page says that console users should go to 505Games for support, that isn’t true (505 isn’t the console developer anymore). Support usually responds pretty quickly and can either give you the missing items or refund your glory.

Thank you, couldn’t find a submit ticket feature