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Event Chest shows wrong troop for possible purchase

Hello @Nex and @Mr.Strange.

With Wild Plains out and Skeleros as the Glory troop of the week, I went over to the Event Chests to try and have “easy” chance at pulling the Hydra. When you pull up the screen though it says you can win “Wild Fang” in the top spot just as last week it said you could win “Faunessa” even though Sylvasi was the troop of the week.

Is there way to fix that because I know people last week were fishing for Faunessa and weren’t happy she wasn’t there and hopefully don’t want the same thing to happen again.

And here’s the screenshot. Thanks guys.

(Unrelated note, did you slip in a new music track or something cause I heard a piece when Wild Plains was unlocked that I don’t ever recall hearing before.)

We found the issue - fix should be live within the hour.