This can't be where PVP is supposed to be

Since the last update PVP has been far worse than normal. I literally have had the same 4 to maybe 5 people in my pool for days. Sometimes the 3 trophy fight is the same multiple times in a row. Last night the 3 trophy fight was the same person 6 out of 10 times.
I also lose the fights almost entirely on the first turn. The AI fills up and loops me every time. I’ve tried multiple teams to no avail. I would like to level other classes than Frostmage, but that seems to be my only chance. The 2 trophy fights are no different. I am not a low level and I have been playing for years and I have never had this issue in PVP before. If explore gave more class experience I would gladly jump to that, but I would like to level my other classes


I did mean to say that of the 4 people I get to face if they aren’t the 3 trophy fight they are the 2 trophy and 1 trophy fights, so no matter which I choose it is the same difficulty of fight. Refresh doesn’t change the pool either

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Since every battle started awarding trophies, very few people are playing PvP it seems. I know I’m playing less and by the very few pet rescues our guild is getting, it looks like the rest of our guild is avoiding it too. The class xp is just not enough of a draw to suffer through the endless meta teams.

The match making algorithm prefers opponents who recently played PvP, so with fewer people playing, the same players come up way more often. Maybe it could be tweaked to avoid offering the same opponent for a few matches.


Yeah, I find the following team useful for leveling classes in D1 Explore. Useful for current battle crasher, too. Quick but very tedious and boring.

any class, all-seeing eye banner
(Dancing Daggers)
The Maraji Queen

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The thing is I’m playing the people at the top of the leader board every match, but I rarely have any defense numbers, so I’m not in their pool. Even with a reduced amount playing PVP I shouldn’t only be playing a total of 10 different people in a week. Thanks for the explore team