Heartfelt plea from a long time player

I used to play PvP. It was where I made my gold, trophies, and class XP. I don’t play PvP anymore, due to the unforeseen issues with classes, new troops, and weapons making meta teams that make the matches last too long. I don’t expect this issue to be fixed, though I would love to be wrong. In a game that releases as much content as this one, OP team builds are just going to be the norm. Yes, I can beat them. I just don’t have time to devote to playing 20 minute matches.
This leads to a big issue, for me and many others. I can only get 2 class XP per battle in PvP or in challenges. It takes 5050 class XP to go from 0 to 100. if you play all the “new” challenges, you fight 9 sets of 7. There are 34 kingdoms. 9x7x34=2142. Times that by 2, and you get 4284. Not even enough class XP to finish 1 class. You can’t replay them either. This forces me to either play 5050 in explore, which gives 1 XP, or to go back into PvP. The class events don’t pay out enough to make a difference, unless you have gems in vast quantities, and the hours to devote to playing the event.

Easiest fix is to make explore battles pay out at 2 class XP per win.

The next issue is the delves. In the delve event, you have to play 9 (on average) floors to get the last prize. Each floor is 9 fights. That is 81 fights, just on delves, and that is only the weekly ones. The weekend ones? You are going to spend a ton of gems, and hours of your time to close those. If you run out of gems, or time, good luck getting the “faction troops” section to 500. Once the weekly, or weekend events are over, POOF go your potions. I refuse to buy those potions again. I don’t think we should have to.

Easiest fix is to make it that you get ALL of the floors points if you kill the last room, during the events. This would be a huge timesaver during delving. Also, you need to have the potions you purchased during the event show back up the next time that faction is the event again. Let us build on what we have already paid for, and let us have a break on all the gem spending in this game.

Thank you.


what i do for class xp is this. we call it easy casual method. at weekly reset you do one ranked match and retreat, this will enter you into the defense pool. then setup a defense team that will lose matches. for the rest of the week do only casual and refresh to get opponents under 6k score, these will be on par with stats for normal explore but yield 2 class xp and a trophy plus other valuable resources. using this method i can easily level a class from 0 to 100 within a weeks time. depending on your internet connection you can get 100 trophy per hour this way using the sunbird team xD


I don’t disagree with the conclusion but I’m having trouble with the premise.

I don’t have PvP matches that last longer than a minute. It’s not that there aren’t teams that take a while to beat, but I avoid them. Even then, I’d say they’re done in 2-3 minutes tops.

I’d like to talk about your teams. I bet we can do better than 20 minutes and help you find solace in PvP again. This is especially important, because they’re probably about to get rid of fast explores in 4.6.


Just use a team that beats those teams more easily and quickly. I assume you are talking about a life and death team with orb weaver class? Use Skeleton Key with Cedric to move him to the first or last position and skeleton key takes out life and death. Wins 9/10 matches just as quickly as anything. If guardian crown gives you trouble, use something that destroys armor like mang, warlords battlecry, or megavore or something that silences them…

Nothing in GoW is designed to save time. The whole point is to keep people playing as long as possible. Its like coupons - typically you didn’t actually save $0.50, in reality you spent $3.00 more than you originally intended to. So anything you think is saving you time in GoW is actually just getting you to play longer than you would have. The more and the longer we play the more likely we’ll spend real money to take shortcuts. And whats the point of being able to “finish” everything in 3 months or 6 months anyway? Then you have a huge portion of the player base in late endgame status who get bored and quit because there’s nothing left to accomplish. Giving explore 2 class xp will certainly give everyone maxed classes in well under 3 months. Besides, nearly every other game mode EXCEPT explore & arena gives 2 class xp - GW, raid, invasion, pet rescues, ranked/casual PvP, faction events, bounty, class events, even delves. For the health of the game and their revenue stream, your wish will never be granted, ever.

Delves, I fully understand your frustration. I will never have the time on a weekend to even come close to taking advantage of the potions to get to level 500 - pure faction or not. At this point delves are the last thing I spend any time on during the week (except for the weekly delve event that I try to finish so I can have enough shards to get all the troops from the next new faction event) and most of them at high level are just too damn frustrating waiting for RNG to shine on me enough to get another pure faction level completed.

That said, again you’re never ever going to get your proposed “fix” for delves. The devs said out the gate delves were supposed to be tough and players had to work for them. And they’d be cutting their revenue streams dramatically by doing as you suggest. I personally buy almost every faction event up to tier 4 for the extra shards & ingots (since I skip most of the daily delves), because I have plenty of gems so why not, and because the potions make the early levels go so much faster that I can typically complete the event for more shards & resources. I’d imagine a minority of people don’t purchase at least the explosion potions most weeks for most events, so big win for GoW in removing gems from the game.


You can also get 2 class xp per Dungeon, Adventure Board, Event and Delve battle. Only the quests and explore give 1.

I’m also not sure why you feel potions should last forever. They are already OP in my opinion. So if they last from event to event, you’d want to purchase 100 potions of power over the course of a year so your team would never lose? Where’s the fun in that?


It’s pretty clear that they named them “potions” because they are supposed to be temporary boosts. Frankly, this is how potions have worked in every game I’ve played that used them. There is no way they’ll turn around and allow people to keep them permanently from one event week to another.

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Maybe they could sell a “Potion of Potion Permanence” for 50k gems :upside_down_face:

Don’t speak evil curses into the air. :stuck_out_tongue:

The original plan was that the new challenges would only give 1 experience point per battle. Be grateful.


Maybe let 3 trophy get 3 xp, 2 trophy 2xp. And 1 trophy 1


Why would you play a PvP battle for 20 minutes? As others have said avoid those teams and refresh by playing a two or one trophy battle.
Build a fast looping team. I have 3 go to PvP teams that get me to tier one pretty quick. Tier one and done.
It’s always been a grindy game.
I used to avoid higher level delves but now I look forward to the daily Delves, the only game mode that is really challenging anymore.
I think I went a bit off the OP topic, of so, sorry.
I honestly don’t see the problem here.


They should have called the potions " crack". I am heavily addicted and cant do any events without them.


Bingo. This, so much, this. This response elegantly encapsulates the logic behind the revamped game modes.

Keep that in mind, when 4.6 and 4.7 come out, where even more stuff to do comes out. The sooner people realize that they need to “let go” of some game modes for sanity’s sake, the better they will be. Especially once the explore and PvP revamps come out, because they will surely use the model that Vanyel describes.


You’re scaring me now - I haven’t even begin doing the new challenges yet just keepong up with everything else. Guess I better get my butt into gear and work on them…:frowning:

They are great for running up class points. Up to tier 7 you can run them really fast. I got the new class up to 20 in less than 2 hours, don’t really know how long, by blasting through a bunch of tier II


I didn’t mean to scare you like that. I’m just saying that the direction of the game for a while now has been to give players too much to do for the exact reasons you mention in your original reply to the thread.

I seriously doubt that challenges are the last new pile of things to do for players to be added to the game, as Explore and PvP mode are still left to be revamped (that and it is publicly known that 4.6 will be the Explore revamp). If you are of the type that has to have everything 100%'d the moment it comes out, there’s simply too much to do these days. Just be willing to backburner some things, as needed, and work at your own pace towards completing things. Trying to be a 100% completionist, even at the top-end of the game, is increasingly becoming a fool’s errand and a lost cause.


Don’t worry much because most things that gets announced take about a year to hit the players

Actually 4.6 is probably less than 3 months away and it’s the thing that’s going to turn Explore into a chore.