Stop Forcing PvP!

I get it. You want the players to experience the whole game. You worked hard on the PvP and want players to see it. Fine, I get that but why are all three levels in my season now PvP!!! I despise PvP. I gave up playing PvP because it has zero appeal to me. Yes I know I can skip the task by using Gems but I was trying to save those for some other upgrades. In fact last season I did spend the gems and skipped a bronze level. It gave me a new task and when I finished that one what was the next one? PvP… For the love of all things holy stop. Some players may like PvP that’s fine they are allowed to play their way. Allow me and others like me to play mine. Now I can’t progress in the season I bought as I don’t have enough gems to skip all three. There are hardcore and casual players and players in between. We should not be forced into these other modes if we have no desire to. I put 2+ years into this game and I have seen a lot of dumb decisions but this is the straw that broke the camels back


Not to mention they made an achievement unobtainable, since it is no longer possible to complete 100 tasks


Thank goodness they still have casual mode PvP. And I have plenty of gold for the rerolls there.

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I won’t even play that. I played once and watched the other player play for 5 minutes before I got a turn. How you might ask? 84 4 of a kind or more. I started counting after the 4th one. I tried playing it just to get through the bronze level task quickly so yeah I was way overpowered but after I got one turn they went for another 42 4 of a kind or more and skull after skull match they wore me down and won. I mean great on them but zero fun… Zero…

Could have just retreated and won several other easier casual PvP battles rather than waste 5 minutes? :thinking:


You’re not wrong but once I started counting I was invested in the absurdity of it. Then I had to see it play out. Like a TV show you used to like and was good but has gone downhill. Some have to see it through to the end to get that closure.

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This is absolute trash talk. Not sure if you were hallucinating.


We could take a look at something for the next Campaign (we don’t want to do it mid-campaign as it may cause issues with the game).

We could look at removing PvP Tasks for Gold + Silver so it’s only a Bronze task, and players can’t be blocked for all 3 Tasks.


currently its the only task that FORCES you to play a specific game mode, it just shouldnt be in there period. Let us play how we want, please.


You could also consider changing some of the PVP mechanics so they’re not so hateful. Giving us a button that would let us skip to the end of the animation during our opponent’s turn (for looping teams) would remove some of that feeling like we’ve just lost minutes off our life staring at a thing slowly beating us up. You could disallow Elementalist from being the “easiest” of the three fights. You could disallow any team with a looping troop from being the “easiest” of the three fights. I’m just spitballing here, but I’d imagine there are any number of things that could make PVP more palatable.

Alternatively (or better yet, additionally), you could let people re-roll one task free each tier (gold, bronze, silver) and ensure there’s never more than one PVP exclusive task per tier.


Why are PvP only tasks in the pool at all when it doesn’t seem to be the design intent behind the revamp?

For many people nowadays, even casual PvP is a departure from “playing the game normally”. This is sort of a high altitude problem for the game as a whole, yes, but “forcing” players in here seems to go against your specific design goals. The existence of causal PvP for people that “don’t want to do ranked” does not alleviate the problem that these people don’t want to face player constructed teams, period, (most often cited reasons are massive Elementalist hero or self looping teams that start from a single mana match and then are basically a cutscene if they weren’t frozen), and refreshing the easiest team with gold to beat pushover/self destructing teams solely for a campaign task is both not good gameplay and seems to be the very kind of play pattern you were trying to avoid with this revamp in that they would only do it because of the campaign.


They should just make it kill X amount of enemies or X amount of this color enemy or explode this many of this gem so you can do it with any mode you want. I do pvp 1 trophy because I dislike Pvp too.


Part of the problem is that this isn’t the only PvP task. There’s also a task that requires players to earn glory, which can only be done in PvP, so PvP activities are VERY prevalent within the campaign.

I don’t recall having seen any tasks that require players to kill a specific type of troop, e.g. dragons. Might it possibly be an option to plug those in instead? It feels like that would achieve your announced goal, to allow players to complete tasks without having to play in a specific game mode, much better. As long as you don’t restrict it to a single troop (e.g. “kill 10 Infernus”) and keep the target number reasonably low, it can still be completed while playing the game normally.


I see this complaint a lot about being stuck in endless loops. I just choose not to fight teams that do that. If i end up having to fight such a team, i prepare for it by editing my team. If that doesnt work and the loop starts i just do something else until its my turn or quit the fight.

Are you expecting to win every fight?
Why not just retreat? Because of your stats? Who cares?

I understand not liking pvp, i dont really care for it either. Yes, i agree we shouldn’t have to be forced to do pvp to complete tasks. Is it really that hard to do 25 pvp fights per 7 day week?


I and many others would prefer to see both dominator and glory hound to be completely removed.

Those are the only two tasks that force players into a /ode that many actually hate.

In any mode (and with minimal team restrictions), we (could) have:

  • earn souls/gold/(unspecified class as in any counts) XP
  • match a specific kind of gems including skulls
  • destroy/explode X gems (of a specific kind)
  • win X battles
  • kill X troops (of a specific kind/color)
  • do X match 4+

I’m sure there is something I’m missing, and maybe not all tasks are equally as open but all of the above can be done more or less anywhere.


Hard? No.
Annoying? Yes.

That’s the whole point.

With so much to do, some people just don’t want to do pvp at all. It’s not as if the rewards were so great that it’s very beneficial, either.

I usually pick teams I can easily beat. I got good pvp teams as well. But my love for pvp has died a long time ago. :sweat_smile:


How about just sticking to your initial words and LETTING PLAYERS PLAY HOW THEY WANT. Quit forcing pvp down our throats. If I’m paying for the elite campaign pass, I shouldn’t be forced to play a game mode I have zero interest in or lose out on rewards that I PAID FOR. Get rid of dominator and any other pvp tasks completely! I don’t care how easy it is or not. I don’t want any part of pvp period.


Stop paying. If you keep giving them money they no incentive to do anything but what they want.

That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I have no plans to get the next campaign pass if this pvp issue isn’t fixed. I don’t mind supporting a game I enjoy playing, but having to allocate extra time to a mode I don’t enjoy playing makes it unenjoyable. Especially since the whole reason they revamped the campaign was to better allow players to play how they want. It was easier to play how I wanted before they messed it up.


That seems like a nice start, but…

"Glory Hound" task be like