[Not a bug] Delve rooms do not count for Glory Hound Campaign task

Agreed, feedback passed on


Delve gold, delve glory and delve souls are stupid and were stupid.
And since the intent was to limit the amount of gold made from delves.
I think 4.7 was a big enough gold Nerf that such petty things aren’t necessary anymore.
Therefore the special delve currency should just be removed completely.

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Campaign task says “Earn Glory from any battle (except Training).” It does NOT say, “except Delves” and it does NOT say “from PvP only”.
I completed three battles for Glory from the Adventure tab and earned Glory from 3-4 battles in the Delve of Wild Court.


So, what feedback exactly gets passed on?
Because I hope the feedback includes the solution ‘in casual or ranked PVP’ since only that glory counts.

As a (relatively) new player (1 year :grimacing:) … I never got the point of “delve glory” or “delve gold” - is there some sort of history here?

It’s so abilities like Cedric ‘gain 100% bonus gold from battles’ don’t increase delve gold.

↑ what he said and armor bonuses.
So all those souls, and gold bonuses under the hero tab don’t apply to delves.
Delves were created as the original gold sink. So they also restricted the amount of gold you can make from them. To make it less transparent, they included glory and souls as well.

as showed in picture. glory is still 0/20.

This is not a bug. Its intentional. Glory Hound only counts glory from ranked pvp. Always has, several bug reports up already for this exact reason have been ignored.

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The text says any battle (except training) - so either the text needs changing or the mechanic does.

Them ignoring threads doesn’t mean the players are wrong.


Im not arguing with you, its not my opinion lol

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Yeah, I know - I just wanted to emphasize this again. If the mechanic is correct, the text needs a little “pvp” added and it would be fine.

Otherwise they’ll be getting bug reports again and again.


They are both correct. That glory isn’t earned from a battle, it’s earned from the room reward shown in the upper right corner of the Underspire room card. However, it’s highly confusing to handle it in such a way, the sane approach would be either ditch the task or allow it to count any glory earned, no matter if that might sometimes allow players to finish the task a minute faster.

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Most people would just assume that a room reward that you have to battle for will count as earned from battle.


It intentionally doesn’t count, if it did your armor/pet/VIP bonus would multiply gold and souls of the room reward. Apparently they don’t want to be that generous. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh no! 1% more souls. That would be game breaking! :joy:

I mean, I get it for those types of rewards but it’s weird to not have it count for a task.

Anyway, the confusion would be removed if they’d add the word PvP, or if they’d just drop the task entirely.


I think I will be testing that the next time Soul Grinder / Gold Digger pops up as a task. Those tasks can be deliberately farmed very fast, but Glory Houind…

To my opinion not counting Glory (or any other resource) from delves is a stupid move. PvP battles are boring as hell, as there is a few sets of teams that you are playing with over and over - that’s not interesting at all. Delves on the other hand provide the set of randomness and give the opportunity to delve deeper and deeper (for those who haven’t finished them all yet) . Moreover, developers have already diverted the focus from delves for giving only 1 trophy for completing the room.

To sum up IT IS A BUG, if Glory is earned from ANY battle then delves as well.

Also, feedback passed on July 20 2020, today is November 20 2023(!!!), multiple updates passed, @Kafka where’re the fixes?


Campaigns can count some, but not others in any battle except training makes sense except that counting the resources not from all valid locations where recources can be generated?

I’m curious does the game give you credit for playing the treasure hunt game? The answer is no too


Treasure Hunt isn’t a “battle”, so you can’t argue technicalities there.

I do believe Glory as a currency is fundamentally broken, though.

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