Stop Forcing PvP!

Bit late to this, but I just wanted to say I hope the tasks stay. The campaign tasks have already been massively nerfed on the whole from what they used to be, they’re fine now. It’s good that they encourage players to engage with different parts of the game, if anything there should be even more variety in what you have to do. PvP is just another mode where you fight AI-controlled teams, it’s no different from any other mode as far as the battles go. You can use any team you like, and it hardly ever takes more than 1 or 2 rerolls of Casual to get an enemy team weak enough to oneshot with Phoenicia or whatever. Are the rewards for pvp kinda lackluster? Sure, but it’s not like you’ll be spending very long there anyway. I mean, even if you somehow get stuck with all 3 of your tasks as PvP, you can just progress on all of them at the same time. Maybe you’ll even get a pet gnome while you’re there. I don’t really see the big deal here. Maybe if it was a real PvP mode where you actually fought player-controlled teams, I could understand some people might hate that, but everyone should be well aware that’s not the case.


the main thing is: doing dailies takes 30 minutes to an hour, doing the PvP is in ADDITION to anything else ur doing, so the rewards are really not worth the time at all for those who dont have much time per day. I personally hate that im forced to play pvp simply because the time is better spent doing something else. One of their goals was to allow players to play how they want with this change, and the fact pvp is still forced means they failed that goal. At least with the old system, if there was a task i didnt want to do, id spend 50 gems to reroll it, now, doing that is what? like 300 gems? thats ridiculous, so its even worse now than it used to be.


Why is forcing others to do a game mode they hate a good thing?

It’s great that you don’t. But does it make the game better for you knowing others have to do something they don’t like? I’m sure it doesn’t.


Then they should’ve left it the way it was where you could reroll once for free if you didn’t like the challenge. The whole premise of the big update was to better allow players to play how they want. Explain to me how forcing players to either play X game mode, spend an exceptionally increased amount of gems compared to the previous model, or lose out on campaign rewards makes it easier for players to play how they want?

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Can we stop forcing game modes for the new path crap too? Glory Objectives that only count pvp, complete adventure boards (mostly not worth my time), and dungeons which i dont do unless i get a perfect run.

At thia rate just bring the old campaign tasks back and drop the facade of “play your way”


I do totally agree, don’t have any of the objectives bounded to any specific troops, weapons or modes. Players wants to get rewarded when they just play whatever mode they love.


Pretty sure they are the old Campaign tasks (for the new ‘path’ objectives) – they had those lists lying around, and didn’t see why they shouldn’t be monetised in a new way :thinking:

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