More XP in Explore please

I think we should get more xp in explore.
Like Explore levels 1 to 4 - 2 xp
Like Explore Levels 5 to 8 - 3 xp
Like Explore Levels 9 to 12- - 4 xp

That would be fair I think. Please add it in the next update


You might be hoping for a bit too much there. I would be happy just to get 2xp for difficulty 10-12.


eh, if they’re willing to give 3 trophies in explore, then 3 xp couldn’t hurt :santa:

I agree with the above.
The class XP should equal the number of trophies won.

We’ve always received maximum 3 trophies and 2xp in PvP. Lv12 explore takes about the same time per match. I’m just being realistic in my expectations. Devs place high gem value on class xp, trophies have none.

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“3-trophy PVP and difficulty 12 Explore are roughly the same difficulty, so they should have roughly the same rewards.”

This is usually the point where Lyrian shows up with a “be careful what you wish for” warning. There are two ways to achieve the above goal!


2xp in explore will just send pvp into further obscurity. I doubt the devs will endorse that.

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PVP is already far away ^^

Probably why you still can’t get pet gnomes in explore


Yes they want all game modes to have some appeal despite consistent nerfing. This is my last week playing. Enough is enough.

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I was listening to you up until this. Who are you (or anyone) to declare no one else should be heard or acknowledged? I was rather enjoying the intelligent reasoning and thoughtful conversation. And i do hope the devs are at least passively staying abreast of what the community base is discussing.