Class XP in New Explore

In the newly implemented Explore system, the difficulty now ranges from as low as Level 11 or Level 18 (about as hard as the old Explore battles on Normal) to Level 200 to 250 at Difficulty 12. This is a significant challenge to surmount, as much as a level 250 Delve.

However, all these battles of higher difficulties still only reward one Class XP to the equipped hero. This makes progressing slow and frustrating.

On the other hand, there is legitimate concern in the idea of making the lower difficulty battles provide full XP.

My solution is to make a threshold; currently players get a Seal bonus for doing battles above Difficulty II; this indicates that the devs believe this is the threshold at which battles get difficult. Providing bonus Class XP at this threshold, or even giving 3 or more Class XP per battle at higher levels, would be greatly appreciated.

One way it could be done is that Class XP is based on a formula. Class XP Gained = (Highest Level of Enemy Defeated) / 10. This means that a normal level 20 battle gives 2 Class XP, low-difficulty Explores give 1, and Delves (which are significantly more difficult than normal battles) would give bonus XP.


Yeah and all Challenges give 2 XP… even the easier ones…

Seal bonus? Do you mean Token?

There is no need for a formula, devs can just add “Champion XP” value with Gold, Mythstones, Tokens, which value could be something like:

  • 1 from D1 to D5
  • 1-2 from D7 to D9
  • 2 from D10 to D12
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You get 5 guild seals for winning a battle at Difficulty 2 or higher in Explore.

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The reason for the challenges is once you do the easy ones you can’t do them again. Explore you could farm XP like crazy. At least that’s my take.

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Yeah you are surely right.
In fact, I guess that it’s because it’s limited that devs didn’t do anything complicated and just give us 2XP whatever the Tier (better than something like 1XP for Tier 1 to 3 and 2XP for the other ones).

I didn’t notice :sweat_smile:.

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I don’t see the problem in giving 2 xp even for the easiest fights. 1 xp before was fine when we could just spam it with the play again button but now we have to choose a difficulty then do 4 battles and then get a pop up for a mini boss battle and that has to be done every 5 battles and when you have enough mythstones it takes even longer when you have to open chests as well. Soon there is going to be 34 classes all need 5k xp and with fast challenges and explore gone it’s going to take even longer. Quests should be 2 xp as well. It’s mainly new players doing them now and in April they will have 34 classes to get from level 1 to 100 a bit of extra xp will be nice for them and won’t break anything. Every battle using hero giving 2 xp would make things a little less confusing for some people as well.


I think what we have is fine. Not going to complain that everything isn’t perfect. What will be likely thing that will happen if the complaining keeps up is they will make challenges 1.

People say what bothers them with the game. If they don’t, devs won’t know what what to take a look at. Just keeping your mouth shut in hopes devs don’t change anything doesn’t work any way. I have a feeling devs like to “fix” things that are not broken more than actually improving things, so I for one appreciate all the feedback that people can give them.


That was my feedback.

I’m with rojo on this one. If it’s okay to complain about a problem, it’s also okay to say that you don’t think the problem is so bad.


Oh lol. Didn’t notice. It’s actually 6 guild seals…I think this was winning at highest difficulty before? Lol …too easy that they made it like “normal” explore diffuculty now