Want to get new players to stay and keep old ones? Listen to us: stop pushing pvp. Your players do not want it. Listen to our suggestions

Heres my suggestions. Others please add on and lets keep it constructive

#1- update old classes. No do not nerf elementalist. There are currently 3 maybe 4 usable classes in scaled content. The others are so outdated its laughable. Knight lol

#2- please for the love of this game roll back the journey troop nerf. If not, lower the requirments for rewards. Journey is a chore. Not at all fun.

#3- update old mythics with buffs. Far too many “trophy” mythics that just sit on our shelf.

#4- add potions to underspire (not potion gems. Potions like you get from buying tiers in events.). No reason not to have them unless you are trying to increase grind

#5 Stop. Pushing. Pvp

What’d i miss.


I’m up for everything except potions in Underspire. Strongly against that. :thinking:


Why? Makes it less annoying and just like delves

why against some much needed boost? :upside_down_face:

Potions make it much more annoying. I don’t have time for endless loops. On the other hand, if potions were added to Underspire, I would save 1500 gems each week and also had more time to do chores. Because I would stop playing US even before I’d stop PvP. At least there are areas without potions left …

Wait wait. You got me wrong. Not potion GEMS. Potions. Like we got in delves or events. Like potions of explode/armor/ blessing

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Oh, ok. My bad.

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Here’s is my take, stop jamming unwanted features and give me gw now. I was all in upgrading my kingdoms and hunting books, why? Because I wanted that edge in gw. Now who cares. Why chase for a small edge. So now I’ll never spend another dollar until gw is back.

Another prime example of clueless devs who never play the game trying for a money grab that is back firing in a huge way, great job.

Kingdoms at 30 are now meaningless.


The devs just need to stop adding content to Gems of War. Its got so much in it now and the majority of it is basically ignored cause players just don’t have the time to play it.

Gems has gotten to the point that it feels like we have 3 different games smashed into 1. If you want to do everything in the game, you have to basically play it 24/7 now. And the over-monetization and RNG on everything has gotten way out of hand.

At this point, I feel the devs have hit the “jump the shark” moment and the game will be dead soon.


The Troop nerf was sorely needed (loosely like fixing The Maze banner), but yeah the scoring method of the mode itself feels bad. I also have my own worries about the Pathfinder trait by itself, but we can’t test it until getting a Journey event whose requirements support having two (different) Pathfinders on the same team.

You seem like a very knowledgable person on the matter in question.
Could you kindly provide an expert’s list of

a) problems that journey troop nerf eliminated from the game and
b) positive things that journey troop nerf achieved.

Thank you.

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Sarcasm aside, the complaints about the nerf seemed exclusive to the competitive leaderboard chasers, did they not?

One positive thing is it ended the “Chalcedony meta”, which was not too dissimilar from the Wand meta as either you take out one of their troops first, or invariably watch the cpu loop you to death. Also, we now have The Cartographer, a Mystic typed looper so it’s actually fortunate this nerf happened before somebody could successfully pair it with Queen Beetrix.


Class rebalance would take a lot of man hours but the game is crying out for it…

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…no? I’ve never chased a leaderboad a day in this game and I HATE the nerf. Exactly because it most hurts the average player just trying to get through the event.


You’re not wrong, but what is your definition of “get through” ?

Because my definition is “play all free daily Sigils, don’t lose sleep over the rewards, and maybe spend T1-2 if I’m close enough to the next reward tier or need to have the Troop now (like in Raid Boss events where it doubles your scoring, Traited or not)”.

Wasn’t the main leaderboarding philosophy - if you haven’t won by turn two, you simply retreat and pick another battle - so watching AI pathfinder loop you to death practically never comes into play, therefore there’s no need to complain about it?

Wasn’t it rather that main complaining part was done by chronic complainers who have complained about every single team since the beginning of time and who still complain and who will continue complaining until the heat death of the universe, and probably even quadruple Fire Bomb defense is not safe from them given enough opportunity? (Sprinkled with certain amount of - I don’t like the troop so it should be nerfed to the ground and screw everybody who uses it for whatever reason because my way of playing is the only correct way and nobody should play or have fun any other way and …them if they do! - for good measure.)

If not even my casual account was in fear of dreaded “Chalcedony meta”…that looks like telling something. Hard to identify any real problem that was solved and best achievement seems to be removing a team option for people who, for whatever reason, wanted to use this strategy (which I personally consider too impractical for serious use, so even my casual account employed it only a few selected times when nothing better was available) and hurt nobody by doing so.


Oh Yes, so much YES!!!

I thought I was alone in this, but I see I’m not the only one not wanting the devs pushing PVP so hard. I only play PVP when in the… um, you know, the… thing that has some tasks to complete, I’m blanking on the name, sorry… anyway, whe n it requires to win glory from battles, then I play PVP. But other than that, no, thanks!

Bathroom??? :rofl:


I hate the nerf because it led to multiple people in my guild calling it quits. Others stuck around, but are now gloomy and disillusioned (aka waiting to hate everything?). Journey troop nerf did nothing at all good for the game.

It did not help pvp. It certainly did not help journey. Nothing positive. Period. Meanwhile, it caused a huge dip in morale. I personally, have a nearly complete collection. The nerf really only affects my game enjoyment inside of journey events. Other people were really hurt by this. I could be ok with that if anyone on the planet was helped.

And no Chalcedony does not count. You literally just said wand waltzed right in to take over that. Also, I musta been sooooooo darned lucky. I was not facing any journey troop boogeymen teams prior to the nerf.


cartographer was a purple/yellow mystic looper spamming purple, how to successfully pair it with beetrix?
sometimes i think you play another game tbh