Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


So frustrating when the only pets that appear you don’t want or need. I have quite a lot at legendary and they just never show up now :joy:


Getting the same delve rooms that make it impossible to defeat them or win against the final battle with the faction team. Looking at YOU Worm Tunnels and Guarded Chamber! Always in the center and mandatory room as well!


Delve with a pure faction team at level 500 - the abysmal drop rate on useful treasure from shards means trying to increase my stats to make it even a semi-fair fight is a laborious task that will take months and months


I hate it when guild wars is once every three weeks, then I wake up one day and it’s once every four weeks.




When the only raid battle you lose with the daily sigils is the one with a valraven… :roll_eyes:


Opening up VIP chests for no mythic only to then get 2 Sacred Treasures from the portals from back to back openings… Thanks game(!) I can totally use them in battle and not something I need to collect like Anu or Scorpius.


When you get 4 copies of cedric back to back




Barrier on brown angers me so much. Such a stupid design to be allowed in PvP. Makes some battles drag out for far too long to the point it feels like you are using 4 level 1, untraited troops against the level 500 faction boss. Screw that perk (It’s not even level 100 either but 40… so unbalanced).

Speaking of PvP, the new matchmaking really makes things worse when only aiming to get to tier 1 and stopping and don’t even get me started on gnomes appearing. I swear gnomes should be forbidden from appearing in PvP due to the fact they could be mythic or so forth that makes it harder to kill them. This is especially true with the exclusive pet gnome.


When RNG decides to have a starting board that almost guarantees a guild wars loss in bracket 1. It wasn’t my match. But still frustrating to see the bull shit that “bad luck” dictates. Excuse my language but it’s the most accurate description to a plagued system. I know the PvP servers and GW servers are separate. Please get that stupid luck factor crap out of guild wars. Or at least make sure that the starting board prevents “Mercy” boards it in this case a “tai pan” board. There’s absolutely no counter to empowered troops in regards to GW while staying 100% monocolor.@Sirrian


And that’s why I hate PvP and Guild Wars, bad boards like that completely ruin any potential fun since you’ll end up slaughtered within a turn or two. Especially a problem with empowered troops (Except Fire Bombs, they can stay Empowered)


He said he made 2 turns after that starting board before losing the match. I don’t think anyone could of won with that starting board. Can’t be mad. Can’t help him. Just sucks that this game can be so Casino like at times.


What color day is it for you guys?


When the pet you need 1 more to mythic comes up and your at work :neutral_face::exploding_head: console.


Brown day.


Losing great players with updates…


Never going to happen, either uniquely for GW, or anywhere at all. Far too much work with no clear gain for the devs - and highly subjective whether it needs doing.

A while back @Shimrra wrote a piece here on why Mercy was a bad design idea - or rather, too good not to use. I partly agreed - many here criticised it a lot. And now we have many more (four at latest count?) Mercy-style empowered transforms. Such fun.

When Maw/Mercy ruled the game, making the meta miserable, we got given Spirit Fox as a counter. Blatantly. I assume the company sold a lot of IAP gems that week. Clearly we need a few more Fox-style counter / drain troops - because yet more empowered mana drain in the game would be great for entertainment.

For the board mess in your screenshot - any other time you could just bring your own Taipan, or bring a SpiritFox, and hope. I guess that doesn’t help on Brown GW day - but better to win with Taipan and three brown troops than lose?


If we had the ability to scout the board before the match then sure. But the odds of that board happening are very low. Sacrificing that many points for it wouldn’t make sense. I just wish they realized that players quit not because of gems shops… But because of stupid stuff like this. Where they have a snow balls chance in hell to win a match.


This combination: