Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


Are all your hero classes fully leveled?
Also if you level up anything to 19 or 20. It will count it.


I actually just came back to report on this very thing. Weird how that works. I put some Chaos Shards into a faction and got something to 19.


I used to leave the newest troop at 17 just for that annoying task. @actreal pointed out to me that the task doesn’t show up anymore if you have at least all the troops fully leveled. We were unsure about the hero classes. But since I’ve kept everything fully leveled. Including treasure troops. I stopped getting those tasks. If you have the souls to spare. I recommend you level Everything up.


Trying progress in Hall of Guardian faction team treasure level 100 250 level made me hit my computer so hard with the fist today. Its still working, but this mode is not healthy for me. 30+ minutes spent, and 3 bloody USELESS level 1 chests gained.


Rather use them for their intended purpose than ascend them. Besides, I can’t make it concrete and make the Coin Purse mythic, so… no point.


Does the “trait a troop” task stop showing up if we trait all troops too?


You don’t have to ascend them. Level them up to Max level of current rarity. Such as:


Yes sir. If you trait all your troops and it still shows. Then you need to trait all your hero classes as well.


… touche. I shall do that then.


Thanks. Wish i knew this earlier.


Like an explanation on how everything works in GoW? Instead of relying on word of mouth from other players? You really are a "noob":wink:
No problem.
Btw…Revenge battles pay out 2x the Normal amount of gold. Just doesn’t show the correct amount at the end of the match.
Also, if you don’t have time to use all 3 of your Delves today. Start a delve on each of the 3 current factions and you’ll be able to use them whenever you want.
That’s all I have off the top of my head
I should create a thread for stuff like this.


Lol thanks for going out of your way and giving me the advice. But im actually an end gamer level 1350+. Just didnt bother changing my forum name :rofl:


Trait a troop is one of the best tasks you can get Imo. Takes 5 seconds and gem keys are worth about 10 gems each.


I could get a task that pays out 30 gems instead. :grinning:


It’s far far more likely you’ll get a much worse task that pays 2k gold or souls or maps, maybe small amount of gems. It’s a bad gamble switching out this task for the tiny chance of 30 gems.


The funny thing is that I need the same troops as you and I do not seem to be making any progress


Calling guild wars a fair competition with so many bugs involved why aren’t these top priority??

Where is all the money going that we invest into this game to help it function better?

It only seems to get worse with the bugs after each update.


I had a random quest which would’ve rewarded two maps so I skipped it, just to be prompted to play five maps for some glory keys. :thinking:


Lol, you did the right thing though taking a chance. Hard to get worse reward for endgamers than maps.


Frostmage class. I love playing with teams that loop to infinity and most of them dont have resistance or cleanse. Its so unfun to fight this class with his first turn freeze.