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The Zodiac in annual event

Let’s explain better.
When I said in the title “Annual Event” I did not want to say it would happen once a year, but it would take all year to complete, inspiring players to be present all year long with the Gems of War family.

We know that the Zodiac has 13 and not 12 constellations as many think. However, let’s stick to the 12 known constellations that have inspired books, movies and games.

The idea was to bring a “special” troop each month, from January to December, each belonging to a different kingdom, but representing the 12 Constellations of the Zodiac.

At the end of the year, we would have a very private collection that could even have a Pet for bonus times for each other.

For there to be no injustice or lottery over which Constellation would come first, the Devs could follow the order of the zodiac in the months of the year. Of course I would have to wait until near Christmas next year to see the Constellation of my Sign, Capricorn, be represented in play, but I already feel so mutch happy to have seen the Caprinicus representing us.

Another possibility would be, in addition to bringing these new troops monthly, make them available for Soulforge and use them as Battlecrasher.

Considering the idea, it would also be possible to use the Chinese Zodiac troops (maybe the following year?)

In order to make these troops really “special,” they should not be available by opening chests (such as Faction troops) available only in the month of the event they were launched, crafted in Soulforge or a weekly kingdom event .

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Super relevant!


It is relevant that the game lives on new creatures. And between us, just being bombarded with random creatures at weekly events is becoming repetitive.
Perhaps a longer event with some long-term purpose gave me more excitement to focus.

I think it’s fair to give ideas, maybe something useful? I myself have so many ideas and I am silent for a long time. And a good part of that quiet time I spend struggling in Gems.

Are you from Aquarius? :smile_cat:

Yes, but well about any ideas it depends of what/how the devs would like to work with this theme.
From the esoteric side of it they could pick many characteristics traditionally atributted to each Zodiac and maybe fit each one on a kingdom.

For Aquarians which are considered creative/inventive people Adana as the land of progress could be a fine choice, and from this point they might want to explore some other symbolisms attached to this Zodiac Sign. As the “Water Bearer” it should be Blue and depending of the interpretation of some other sources it’s also an Air Sign which would define it as Yellow too. It should be an human troop as it fits the figure of the Water Bearer just as well as it fits the majority of Adana’s population.

There are more aspects that would probably be ignored as they would bring more complexity into the design options, but a big part of the simbolism of this sign are tied to the fact that water is an element of transformation/change and creation.

To quote the wisdom of Bruce Lee: “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

Some other considerations on more possible and obvious design choices:
Tauros = Wild Plains, Tauren troop.
Pisces = Merfolk, Merlantis.
Aries = Satyr from Pan’s Vale.
Sagittarius = Centaur from Divinion Fields.
Leo = Raksha from Pridelands or Leonis Empire.
Gemini = This one could be really interestig if they would go with dual personalities using transformation, technically it would bring two troops at once, but i think it would be great if properly designed.
Cancer = Might be an odd suggestion, but i think Zul’Kari could host it as a monster, i’m not even considering the characteristics of the sign mind you, just imagining a crab-like arachnidean monster.
Virgo = Human, Whitehelm.
Libra = Human, Sword’s Edge.
Capricorn = Satyr, but as Pan’s vale was already use it could probably fit in another kingdom near forests like Forest of Thorns.
Scorpio = Human/Monster from Drifting Sands. It could really be both types or just one, a Sand warrior servant of Scorpius could just use armor and weaponry themed with scorpions, or just go with another humanoid scorpion.

But well, anything could go depending of the choices and decisions around the theme.

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My idea is exactly this. Not a new kingdom, but that they would come slowly, one a month and each one belonging to a kingdom (as is happening with the Dooms, ToD Bosses).

Scorpius and Caprinicus were two troops that have already used the names of this theme, but not with the prominence of belonging to a special group of creatures.

Really, I hope some Dev see this post and have some interest in the theme, because as you said, each troop in this project would have many options to work on its creation, bringing us really interesting creatures.

And, truth be told, we were all born under some of these Constellations, so it is difficult to say that we would not all be anxious, waiting for the troop representing our own Sign to come to the game.

I want to hear aussie voice acting of “Aurora Execution!”. :skull:


Look, I know Scorpio season is over but I live for it every year.

Hello, Salty. Pleasure. Thanks for reading my post. I’m coming in my Capricorn season this year (my birthday on the 24th).
Caprinicus will always be my beloved pet troop.
Ah, pardon the intrusion, but I sent you a friend request on Steam, MeghatroN with Ira in profile.