We'll Indeed Get

A yellow, a blue, and a red version of Chalcedony, Seekra Darkwood, and Todd Greenwood. It’ll happen this year.

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Eh, you obviously don’t know the development team well enough. One of those versions will be missing, there will be another purple, green or brown one instead. And it will be “working as intended”. :clown_face:


While that would make sense and be nice, the devs seem to not plan things like that out well. I have to agree with Four…

I’m still waiting for the Cancer crab mythic, they skipped my sign.

The Cancer mythic is on the spoiler schedule for June.

Calling it now: The blue one will be a mystic type, players will pair it with Beetrix, and we officially enter the next circle of PVP hell…

… until the red one gets boosted by boss types to “correct” this mistake.


I’m a Taurus. My sign mythic’s boost ratio is so bad that the troop is essentially unusable

It actually deals pretty good damage if your global stats are high enough. Main issue is that there are other troops that perform way better unless you are in a restricted format.