Request: Never introduce a mythic (type, not rarity) journey troop

It is unusual for a suggestion to be not to do something, that was not even announced, but this one is important.

There is one reliable way to stop a journey troop in PVP, before it goes on an unstoppable loop, and that is freezing, preferably snap freeze.
There is one reliable way to circumvent freezing while starting a loop, and that is to have Beetrix in a team.
Beetrix is mythic/wildfolk type. Of those two, the mythic part is the even more dangerous one, as there are multiple converter troops with the empowered trait, who are mythics.

Depending on the plan, there are either two more journey troops with the current spell pattern “Do damage and create colour x gems for each type y ally” coming (blue and yellow), or a whole lot more, if it is intended to bring in one for each type.

I do heavily suggest, not to make any of those a mythic type, and preferably leave out the wildfolk type as well.

There have been a couple of troops and weapons, that have proven to be problematic in PVP. However, none would be as devastating as this creature, if it existed.

The people in development are not familiar with the game and its mechanics, so I think it is important to spell this out before the disaster strikes:
A mythic journey troop would KILL PVP.
Do NOT do that.

Fair point. I suggest you edit your post and change “mythic” to “mystic” for clarity. You are talking about the troop type (mystic), not the base rarity (mythic).


Next journey troop already revealed. May be blue knight / human.

Well having shiny stuff for the new journey troop is already going to skew the game further, as those things reduce mana cost afaik. I say afaik as I’m one of the people the devs consider irrelevant by not being in a top guild (as in, we only get them if we cough up cash, and I refuse to do that for obvious reasons). We are just there as useful idiots who will end up quitting unless something is done to fix the balance, though currently I feel the game is in its death throes and trying to milk players as much as possible in the meantime.


I’ve felt that for a long time. If you look at other consoles its pretty clear too. The whales need more options to keep the game going.


DAeron, speaking of journey troops, Debra said your comments inspired her to make this:

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PVP’s been dead for years. This would just be kicking the horse while its corpse was truning into bones.