A New Mythic Approaches – Virago

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New Mythic Troop: Virago Virago will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.


The troop name and image are a bit incongruous. :laughing:


She doesn’t look too domineering, violent or bad-tempered, but maybe this is just her Instagram pose.



Maybe a tip for the devs: If you’re going to take an existing word or name such as the astrological signs and alter it, check what that altered word means. Virgo and Virago are somewhat opposites.


I will say, gorgeous art for this troop.


Not exactly Mythic, though, is it…?


Adjective, noun, adjective :roll_eyes:

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Few of them are.

Just to compare her to a mythic from yesteryear that I was rather fond of, she’s significantly better than Queen Aurora. She’s a much better support troop and she has both Spell Armor and Holy Armor. Doesn’t have the looping potential that Aurora did, but that’s about the only way she falls short of the relative bar I set up above.


appearances can be deceptive

LOL She’s most definitely NOT better than her.


Shouldn’t this troop belong to Whitehelm? Sure feels like it should.

Her troop art design is masterfully done, and the devs did the design team a disservice by making her terrible. It’s just another standard garbage astral sign mythic because they have ran out of ideas.

I would have kept her traits the same to relate to the other “gain xx to all xx allies when matching 4 or more gems,” but at least give her a bit more of potential.

The “real” Virago should have had her ability changed to something like this:

“Enchant, bless, barrier, and give all allies (magic +1) life. If there are 13 or more green gems, gain an extra turn.”

I am caught up in the dinosaur age on Nintendo switch, but this idea is more interesting. Give it super powered up defensive capabilities with a chance for an extra turn. Broken? Possibly. But at least it would have more potential. The way it is now, people are never going to use this.


There are almost 1300 troops in the game. With each one added, the border between “useless trash” and “overpowered must-have” becomes more distinct, and the room inbetween has been nonexistent for years.
At 50-100 troops, each is worth a glance and consideration, with occassional switches depending on your mood. At thousand, it boils down to the question, if it fits a niche in some optimised pattern better than the existing ones.

Is there any reason left to care, whether a new troop is good or bad? They don’t enrich an overblown mess of a game in either case.


I’ve been thinking if there’d ever be a scenario I’d use her, mainly because I’ve always liked the idea of defensive support troops.

Honestly, I think I’d end up using Virago for the final Diamantina battle in Underspire, and maybe other battles in the final area. It’d fit decently in an Elemental Forest of Thorns team with Elemental Bow. I wish she gave all allies life at the very least.

Make her viable just by changing spell armor for impervious. And add a cleanse all allies to her current spell.

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When have they ever changed any mythics significantly after release? :thinking:

Zuul goth, Scorpius where a one cast time spells. The wild queen had more quantity of skulls and greeen gems boosted.


Maybe I should have added “recently.”

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I understand that not every troop should be overpowered and that there is a large pool of 1300+ cards in the game atm. Releasing new troops every week, a new mythic every month and an additional mythic at the end of a campaign has definitely degraded their value.

There just seems to be a lack of creativity with the majority of troops, and they are just part of our Pokemon collection. As the collection gets bigger and bigger, we get similar designs and concepts because most ideas have been taken already.

These shiny troops prove that they don’t know what to do with troops anymore, so they added a new resource to make them more powerful. I’m going to laugh so hard when a flash offer comes up showing, "get diamantina fully shiny leveled for only 499.99 usd!":money_mouth_face:


All astrological mythics are terrible except piscea i think right? So at least it fits there by being terrible too


There is only one left now. Capricorn

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