Exclusive troops for special dates

This week we are receiving some troops and pets every day as a Christmas gift in the daily login, I think the wonderful idea, this shows that Devs care about players in general and not just those who spend in the game.
However, this “gift” we receive is not useful for most players. They are random troops, many of which not even a beginner would use. The midgamers and veterans, on the other hand, already have these troops elevated to the mythical rank, only kept in the collection.

I would like to suggest that on those dates, the game would present us with EXCLUSIVE troops, which, even if not so useful, would be a reminder of that time of year for those who had them.

How would it work?
Is it very difficult, over 11 months of the year, to create 7 troops with a Christmas theme, with varied rarities, from the common to the legendary? And these troops would not come in the normal chests of the game (like Delves’ troops) nor would they be present at other times of the year. It would be a Christmas souvenir at Gems. Who knows, some would even be useful and would be used in teams throughout the year?

These troops would also not be part of any kingdom. They would not be troops made in order to strengthen kingdoms, they would be FESTIVE troops just to remind us of SPECIAL DATES.

And as we already have PRIMAL, APOCALYPSE and VAULT as hidden realms, why not a CHRISTMAS KINGDOM? It would not affect the game, it would only receive such troops.

Ah, but if they don’t come in chests throughout the year, we can’t increase their rarity … But they wouldn’t affect the power of the kingdoms, so there would be no need to increase their rarities.

Anyway, I would just like the Devs to remember the players with more affection at times like this and not just playing any random troop as a gift as if that would represent that time of year. One week from now, no one will even remember which troops were presented that week as they are so important.

I would rather have a troop than when I look at it in the middle of next year it reminds me that I won it for being an active player at Christmas 2020.

But I think it’s asking too much to create troops, pets or weapons thinking really about special dates and the players who have been playing forever.

Gems are getting more and more repetitive and it is past time for anyone among developers to think a little out of the box.


I added a weapon and two troops just to remember that the game has already had more affection in creating thematic elements for SPECIAL DATES like CHRISTMAS.
I just wish that the creativity still continued that way in the game. Nowadays we feel that creativity is gone and everything that is put in the game aims only at some financial return.

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If they are just slightly usable then it would give advantage to those who have them, just because they were here when the event happened. Same bullshit goes on with weapons too. If you weren’t in the game when a doom weapon came out pray for a chance to craft and till then be obliterated in pvp by it. Or rope dart and life and death, those who missed LnD a couple weeks ago, won’t have the chance for at least half a year.
Adding more imbalance to the game doesn’t seems a good idea.
These troops can’t be more than the decorative pets.


I agree. But in this case, the idea was precisely to give a gift to those who were in the game on that date. If that will give them an advantage, so be it. Although I understand that some prefer that everything is always available to make life easier.
Anyway, we could continue in the sameness and these troops are the type that comes in the chests and anyone could get them after the commemorative date. But that would remove their main characteristic, which is exclusivity.
But honestly, I’ve gotten used to Gems being planned to make everything easier for everyone over the years. If some complain about the game as it is now, if they had played in the beginning, they would give up in the first week.
But okay, the idea today is this, to make an easy game, which lives to favor the beginners by easily delivering everything that other players suffered to conquer previously and to bring monetary updates.
Let’s continue with that thought and wait for the game to end.

That is the point, if you were in the game the right time you got weapons and troops easily which are not available any more or just through crafting once a year.
This is already unfair, but having a troop which gives you advantage and nobody can get it who didn’t played that time.
But to write something constructive. These troops could have a unique appearance and names at release time so players can have a unique troop. The same troop should be released after the gifting period with another graphics and name, and these replicas should be able to used for ascension too. If it will get implemented this way I could live with that.

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Reading what you mentioned, I remembered something that would fit perfectly in that context.
In the past, a few years ago, there were some troops in the game with a golden border (like foil cards from table cardgames). Few must remember them, but they were different only in aesthetics. I remember that I had a Pegasus and a Warhound with a golden border and other troops of the same type with the normal borders.

A simple way to REALLY be presented with troops that would remind us of the event would be to use this system. The troops we received on Christmas week would have this golden border (and who knows, maybe a small Christmas stamp printed?). Let’s say that from February, these troops started to be found in the chests. In the case of those collected in chests, they would have their normal color relative to rarity. The troops of the event would only have your COLOR (and perhaps a small seal) different, being identical in all other aspects.

Subsequently, the players who received them at the event, as well as everyone else, could acquire more copies in chests and raise their rarity above the base rarity, maintaining the color of SPECIAL EVENT TROP. This system would allow everyone to have troops, and that players who were faithfully at the CHRISTMAS EVENT (as an example), would have a different trait to remember.

In this image, you can see the type of color I am referring to (in Skeleton). Who wouldn’t want to have a few differentiated troops with that color just to identify loyal players in certain festive events (all troops from FESTIVE events could have that color and a small stamp on the letter indicating which event it belonged to).

I will stay here dreaming of the day when the Devs will answer the prayers of mere mortals like us.