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New Holidays Troop

Originally published at: New Holidays Troop – Gems of War

New Legendary Troop: NUTCRKR 1225 To celebrate the Holidays this year, we have released a new troop, NUTCRKR 1225. You can unlock him from a special Holidays Adventure Board Task available only for the next 24hrs. He can also be found in Glory, Gem & VIP Chests from today.


this troop looks amazing, can’t wait to try it

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This is a nice troop, awesome!

I’m embarrassed that it took me as long as it did to realize why its number is 1225, lol.


Slight grumble about the way these seasonal troops are being made available.

Newer players might struggle to complete Adventure Board tasks and miss out on the opportunity to get them. Doesn’t really encourage them to keep playing knowing they will have to open a lot of chests otherwise to get it and probably failing in the attempt.

Perhaps this is intentional though? :thinking:

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I tried the NUTCRKR 1225 and i love it. Thank you all for adding this troop. :grinning:

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Newer players probably are missing a lot more troops than those new ones. If I were a new player i would take Yao Guai over these seasonal troops 10/10 times. :wink: