Holiday themed troops?

Do not know if this has been done or mentioned before.

But, is it at all a possibility that we one day will get themed troops?

Like a troop for Xmas, Halloween, Guy Fawkes, ect, ect.

Just a thought for the devs.

Maybe, just MAYBE, free for that day only or as a reward for x amounts of xxx ?

Thanx for a great game. Hope you can keep this one alive for a LOOOONG time.

Santa Claus troop that gives gold to your opponents?

Guy Fawkes… isn’t that a Holiday only celebrated in the UK?

Think if you do holiday you’d have to stick with the major ones… but I’m sure they’ll have holiday bonuses

Lol, Santa is a good one.

What about a troop that “duplicates” or steals an opponent’s troops or magic ability?

Almost like a doppleganger?

Last December we got Ragnagord the reindeer as a troop and Silent Night as a holliday themed weapon. For easter we got Eggsplosion as a themed weapon.
With the season imps having been promised as only being the start of the impvasion, we can hope for some more themed troops.