We Need A Santa Troop!

And his 3rd. Trait could be a Christmas Storm(red & green) at the beginning of his every turn.

And while we’re at it, throw in a Turkey Troop! LOL


We can have a sheep wildfolk that is called for Globey with a santa hat on. :+1: :rofl:


That’s an awesome idea since the closest we have to a perpetual Leafstorm is the Arboreal Crystal. Maybe make his typing Divine/Elemental, his Kingdom Glacial Peaks and make his spell have something to do with Elemental Stars.

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A “Christmas” troop was added to the Troops page over at Taransworld. It showed up yesterday, a Silverglade Legendary scheduled to release on the 24th.

But maybe next year.

Yes, I like that idea!

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I just read the traits on that Legendary. What are they doing?! lol.

As if that other topic needed any more fuel to the fire.

A Santa troop is a nice idea. Would be even nicer if 505/infinity played Santa and apologised properly for weavergate by dropping an AW in everyone’s in-box .

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