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Chistmas Draw - Christmas Lottery

Hi everyone, I think there are many people waiting for his first Mythic or for this one you need for your build.

Just seeing that it could be interest, I hope if it is possible to devs to make a draw this December. All players could be allowed to it.

Not sure If I explain well. What about a Lottery in Chistmas?

The draw could have this items and troops:

1 Gard´s Avatar
1 Famine
1 Death
1 Draakulis
1 War
1 Plague
1 Abynissia
1 or more DreadKnight armor
1 or more Merchant´s Blade

Those are the most wanted but why not a legendary draw in a time.
If someone it is graced with The Merchant´s Blade o DreadKnight armor and also have it yet, I think better option is new draw for the item.

I also Know there are active people with bad luck and still not mythic. Let´s give also a chance. ( lot of people knows one ) :smile:

Now time for decision, but I think it could be a good beginning of this Christmas.

What do you think people? like this?
Of course I don´t know if @Sirrian or @Nimhain had prepare something similar or special for Christmas with devs before this.

If it get real life, Good Luck Everyone

(Every time I said, but sorry again for my English)


I want in if the devs do this, however can we cut the turkey before doing christmas stuff first. Not sure how holidays are celebrated in other countries or if they have an equivalent. (@Sirrian, @Nimhain want to clarify your holiday schedule for the next few months?)

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I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t go that far in value, but could definitely see something similar to this happening.

I could run it if needed off my YouTube channel. The only thing that has further reach than that related to the game is the Gems of War Facebook page, which a good number of people refuse to use Facebook.


I have a FB account but haven’t used it actively in about 2 years. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. FB makes most people miserable. The only reason I haven’t canceled my account completely is it does a good job of reminding me of everyone’s birthdays lol


I avoid my facebook when necessary. It become a riot when trump won. I am avoiding most of the fallout, and having fun asking both sides the profound why questions.

Personally i’d rather see something put up in the actual marketplace. Just a picture of a present and those as the rewards, but you can only buy a minimum number. Only problem is those that can’t spend money would miss out so maybe the lottery could happen too. Even though the chances in that lottery are slimmer than if you bought them. Something like 5 bucks or your countries equivalent, per present. Or we could just cut the money part out and make it worth gems, but you can still only buy let’s say 5 presents. So the chance of a mythic would have to be fairly high, and the other prizes have to be worth a lot.

Pretty sure the original concept was for a Christmasy festive lottery, a gift for the forum players i.e. not to swindle people out of money/resources.

Yes like many people, I hate Facebook, but I don´t really know why, because I never had.
Well, could be a issue yes for many players.

I also don´t like watts app, and twitter but this ones I don´t hate.:

:gift: :gift: Presents for all

Yeah, but just saying I don’t really get that. Why should a few be able to get when many can. It is for Christmas after all. Can’t say too many people would be excited for others that got mythics when they still didn’t lol. The chance should at least be equal.

At the very least, it has to be ran by the devs themselves.


Indeed, impartiality required too. Not hand picking pets.

They just hand picked a few people to get that exclusive PAX hero weapon, and look how that went over. Exclusivity even when trash, still stinks.

Bring on the GoW Christmas riot of 2016. What a time to be alive!!!

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Oh, I didnt see any reaction to that myself. The mythics are a little over hyped anyway, I wouldn’t mind some hairspray instead

Some above have stated they don’t use Facebook, I don’t use YouTube and am frankly against the idea of an active player with his own guild being in charge of such an operation. Just sayin’.

If such a thing were to happen, it would need to be planned, operated and monitored by the devs themselves. However, I am also of the opinion that we get more than enough free stuff as it is. I would rather they continue to work on new in-game content than try to satisfy everyone’s desire to have everything immediately.


+1 to this.

Very festive around here!

I also like the Idea of doing this as a in-game-shop item, like buying a ticket for a lottery, you give the devs 2 bucks and get into the draw for a few good items, i’d be totaly in.

If not for the rewards, i’d at least do it for the devs (like: make it not only a christmas present for US, but one for THEM :heart:)


I can’t wait to see the next update, it might have more stuff that i requested!

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