Gifts (12 days)


I’m the only one who is seeing that?

Is it a false announcement? If no, when will it begin? :slight_smile:


It’s real, and coming in the next day or so.


Something to replace the Legends and Mythics that were removed from the forge! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe a Mythic, like Skadi for Christmas :wink: .


We want plushies :slight_smile:


So PS4 are doing “12 deals of Christmas”, now GoW is too, and I’m sure I’ve seen it elsewhere too.

As there seems to be some confusion, I’d like to point out that the 12 days of Christmas are the 12 days AFTER Christmas. This culminates in 12th night, which marks the end of the Christmas season. The period before Christmas is “advent”.


For once they’re not taking things away from us, rather giving us stuff. Please don’t do this :sweat_smile:


But… but… my pedantry!


Shush your pedantry until after Christmas. Then ask the Devs to compensate for their oversight!


I’m expecting a big fat pile of Gems to make up for the massive nerf to our ability to earn them through gameplay coupled with the increase in ways to spend them.

A mythic troop of our choice would be nice too!


Your shtick is real tiresome at this point.


On the first day of Christmas…


You get a Mongo, and you get a Mongo! EVERYONE GETS A MONGO!!!


Great gift for those who needed more Mongos. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


I feel unworthy of this generous gift :rofl:

(Seriously though, thanks, freebies are always nice, even if I’m very unlikely to ever use Mongo :wink: )


Already had a Mongo. Didn’t unlock achievement. This gift did not do the achievement either.


It was said in another thread that you need to get a new troops that you don’t have yet for the achievements for troops you already have to register.

Thanks from me for the free Mongo as well! :slight_smile: Hope the particles get deactivated soon so that I can return to playing and working on leveling and traiting my troops, including the Mongo.


It might trigger next time your hero levels up.

Edit: It will definitely trigger the next time you get a troop you don’t own yet:


On the 12th day of Christmas, Krystara gave to me, 1 PHAROS-RA!

The dream. :smiley:


One PHAROS-RA who then resurrected the old UI! :star_struck:

Dream big, my friend, dream big!