Some niceness this Holiday season

Considering there’s probably thosands of players who continue to play Gems of War purely not to screw over their current guild by joining the masses of players who have left the game already.

It would be nice for the developers and the scrooge that is 505 Games to show a little kindness and mail out a loyalty reward sooner rather than later.
No need to think about it, I have the exact gift in mind already. Please mail out a copy of Arachnaean Weaver to all players.

I’m done asking for a better product or epic tasks to cost what a casual guild can handle instead of the most hardcore guilds. Even my hope for the devs to do the right thing about the event chests issue is gone.

Instead I just ask that you reward the kindness of friends, family, and even strangers this holiday season by mailing the gift of Arachnaean Weaver to them all.


That won’t happen. If anything the Devs version of “niceness” will be to put it on “sale” again in the soul forge or give you a flash offer to buy it for 2000-4000 gems.

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Just throwing it out there, how 'bout this? The devs cut the crafting requirement for ALL Mythics in half, in the spirit of #Weavergate, just long enough for this Holiday season. I’m sure the majority of us already have AW. Again, no disrespect.

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Why would i want a 3rd Arachneaen Weaver? Give mi a Tian Yi or a Doomclaw :wink: