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IMPressed with comp goodies - thanks devs!

Thank you devs for the comp goody bag - not least for that naughty little brown imp who avoided turning mythic for a whole year :grinning::+1:
You all rock !


Yes we saw your mythic imp in chat :wink:


Yes thank you very much. Quite the gift. :thumbsup:

Thank you for the awesome gift :grin:

Thank you for the awesome gifts DEV!!! I love my IMP!!

Awesome gift. You guys rule…

What was in it?

Speaking of imps…
We haven’t had any new ones in a while?

gem keys, gems, Autumnal Imp

I see. Wasnt there also to be something special for PC during October? Cant find the post right now but it was Sirrian who mentioned it

Don’t be so IMPatient. I am under the IMPression that an IMProvement to that IMPractical IMPasse is IMPlied.


Sirrian did mention the imp might be sent out - before it happened.

The gift was, indeed, worth the temporary inconvenience. As well, I imagine the experience gave the devs and techies (no, not Squee, Spleen, and Spoon, lol) an opportunity to suss out any underlying vulnerabilities or weaknesses with the servers that may impact future gameplay as the player base grows ever larger.

Thank you for your service, vigilance, and gift.

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You forgot the part about how @HKdirewolf is IMPotent and IMPecunious but Robert would IMPale you.